Welcome to the HISPP website. HISPP is the Haddington Infant School Parent Partnership, the Parent Council for Haddington Infant School.

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Did you know that all parents / carers with a child at the school can come to HISPP meetings? If you fancy coming along, you will be made most welcome; meeting dates can be found in the calendar.

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  1. I wanted to know what the parent council and the PTA were doing in the support of the situation in P2/P3 in regards the composite class for after the summer, there seemed to be alot of fighting for the new P4’s, I had a child that had his class divided up last year as many parents previous have had, but there has never been a composite class in the school but nobody seems to be fighting this cause as strongly. After a meeting with Shirley Swinton today 10/6/08, with regards this new class which my P3 child will be in I feel neither happy or confident with the results in terms of budgets and council cuts what about our childrens educations? Surely that is worth fighting for? Look forward to your reply.

  2. Joyce

    The PC has recently written to Don Ledingham (ELC – Education) expressing our concerns about the classes for 2008/09. Further details can be found on the ‘Home’ page and under the comment entitled ‘Proposed number of classes’. However, what we really need is plenty of support from parents / carers in order for anything to change.

  3. I too have a daughter who has been allocated to the composite class for her p3 year. I have also had a meeting with Shirley Swinton and came away feeling that we were wasting our time. I feel that as parents we are powerless to enforce a change and I feel we are being left out in the cold as far as support from the Parent Council is concerned. Please could someone explain to me how a group of 8 p3 children in a class can successfully be integrated into the rest of their peer group for events they do together ie assemblies/shows/enterprise initiatives when although I acknowledge there is a range of abilities within a class, they work together as a unit at such times and our children will feel very much on the sidelines. The teacher has had no experience or training in composite classes and I am fearful for my daughters education and that of the rest of the P3’s in her class.

  4. The Parent Council has been in touch with both Don Ledingham (ELC – Education) and local councillors and MSPs regarding both the budget cuts (see comment ‘budget cuts’) and ‘proposed number of classes’. These cuts have very much been on the agenda and were also brought up again at a recent meeting for all the Parent Councils in East Lothian. However, please add your comments regarding these cuts to the website or contact your local councillors/MSPs as suggested in the budget cuts letter as we really need the support of as many parents/carers as possible in order to get people to listen and hopefully, make a difference.

  5. Hello Jayne
    I agree with most of what you have said and am in a similar position with a child going into the composite class. I am concerned to hear you feel the parent council has left you out in the cold and I would really like to hear more feedback about this and hopefully rectify the situation. We try hard on the noticeboard to keep everyong up to speed and do plan a newsletter. All meetings are open to all parents too. If you would like to contact me so we can email each other directly the Parent Council email address on the website comes direct to me. Thanks Debbie

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