The Parent Teacher Association

Unlike the Parent Council which is a statutory body, the Parent Teachers Association is a voluntary organisation. The PTA committee consists of volunteer parents or carers of a child attending the Infant School and volunteer members of the teaching staff.  The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are elected annually from within the committee.

Like the Parent Council, the committee aims to support the strong partnership which is being encouraged between parents, children and staff in becoming involved in the life and work of the school.

The main role of the PTA is fundraising.

A secondary role is organising social events at which parents, children and staff can get together.

The PTA runs a wide variety of fundraising events and activities throughout the school year. These include events such as ceilidhs, Halloween parties, the Festival Café, barbeques, car boot sales, beetle drives and a second hand bike sale and activities such as issuing the Yellow Moon catalogues, arranging Rag Bag recycling and producing the School Calendar.

The PTA raises money which is used to purchase items which the school would otherwise not have had. The PTA Committee also supports the school wherever possible in devoting time and talents to improving the resources and the environment.

In recent years money raised has gone toward:

  • computer equipment for the school
  • soft pore for around the boat in the playground
  • funding exercise and drama classes
  • puppet shows and buses to the pantomime
  • playground and golden time toys
  • upgrading of the annexe playground
  • group membership of the John Muir Trust
  • Christmas trees
  • music CDs
  • improvements to the library
  • picnic benches
  • baking room equipment

…………………and a lot more!

2 thoughts on “The Parent Teacher Association

  1. Thank you to all those who helped at the BBQ on Friday – the teaching staff, PTA committe members, parents, the local firemen who manned the BBQ and Mr Hogg. Thank you also to all those who came along and supported this last fundraising event of the school year. The rain stayed away and a total of £323.08 was raised. The winners of the mini beast hunt and the garden quiz will receive their prizes this week.

  2. On health week I really liked the Aerobics very much because it was fun but after that we where all puffed out100%, I liked smoothie making because the smoothies’ were delicious.

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