Haddington Infant School Parent Council

We are the Parent Council for Haddington Infant School. The Parent Council exists to represent the parents and carers views to the school, and to support the school.  The Parent Council discusses issues related to the school, such as lunch arrangements, traffic around school, or more recently, the new campus.   Our full role is outlined in the Parent Council Constitution. You can get a copy of from the School Office or by clicking here.

All parents and carers with children at Haddington Infant School are automatically part of the Parent Forum.  The Parent Council is made up of mainly of representatives from parents and carers, and there is a place for one from each class. Any parent or carer can volunteer to be a class representative. If there are too many (this has never happened) the representative is chosen by lot. As well as parents and carers, there is a place on the Parent Council for each of the local ward Councillors, a member of the teaching staff, and a parent or carer from St Mary’s nursery (as this feeds into Haddington Infant School). Mrs Shirley Swinton, the Headteacher, comes to meetings to advise the Parent Council.

If you have a general issue you would like brought up at the Parent Council, you can contact one of the representatives in person. You can also contact us via email at parentcouncil@haddingtoninfant.elcschool.org.uk  , or drop a note into our pigeon hole in the School Office. Or, if you’d prefer, you can speak to the Parent Council directly at a meeting; it would be helpful if you could let the Chair know in advance if you do want to do this.  New members are also welcome at any time – we are keen to have some P1 parents get involved.

Any comments on blog posts are also very welcome, although do remember that Parent Council members are parent volunteers and so might take a while to respond to any comments!

Membership 2013-14

Chair: Elaine Towler (P1)
Vice Chair:
Clerk: Mary Benson