Travel Plan

Haddington Infants School Parent Partnership encourages active travel to school for children and parents who are able to do so. ┬áThe roads around the school, in particular Victoria Road and Meadowpark, can be very busy with children entering and leaving the school. Children are not always predictable around traffic, and for this reason parents and carers are asked if at all possible not to bring cars down Victoria Road or Meadowpark at drop off and pick up times. ┬áThere are ‘park and stride’ car parks at the Aubigny Sports Centre and Tesco long stay for those who have to drive.

HISSP is actively working on trying to make the school journey safer and more convenient for everybody. The impact of the move to the new joint campus will be a main focus for the travel sub-team of HISPP in 2011-12.

The maps below show pedestrian routes, and also the park and stride locations.

Haddington Infant Plan Close Up

Haddington Infant Plan DP green


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