18 thoughts on “Tuesday 6th September”

  1. I am really enjoying French lessons and making the Titanic with my friends. I am also enjoying physical education and invasion games.

  2. I really enjoyed making the Titanic with my class. I had fun doing the lettering with my table I really enjoy the classes in this school they help me learn a lot.

  3. I enjoyed creating the learning pit and creating all the port holes for the Titanic .The port holes were fun to create because they took a lot of work and the learning pit because I like to colour and draw. 🙂

  4. I have enjoyed making Titanic it was great making lifeboats because we got to make different colours. I’m also enjoying French it is quite fun .

  5. I am enjoying French because we did French greetings and we got to do our own charters on the back one of mine was Ronaldo and I am also enjoying maths.

  6. I like doing maths groups because I like doing maths with my friends. I enjoyed doing the Titanic wall .

  7. I like my teacher because she is very funny. TITANIC WAS VERY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really like doing our maths that was rounding to the nearest 100,000

  8. I really enjoyed the Titanic display. We did a great job. I also enjoy our P.E lessons with Mrs Arnold . She is very kind. Mr Connell`s Art lessons are fun as well . Mrs Walker is a very nice class teacher . I love every lesson.

  9. I liked doing the Titanic with my class we all got to do a part and it was very fun I also liked doing the French puppets. My teacher is really and nice I am looking forward to doing more class projects. Ruby I also liked the titanic topic too because it was very fun making lifeboats.

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