Week Ending 3rd March


P5 have had a busy week and are now fully engaged in their new topic of landscapes and natural disasters.  This week we have been mapping tectonic plates, locations of rainforest and deserts and have just started our research into volcanoes.  The class have decided that they are going to teach each other about volcanoes so each cooperative group is learning about a different type of volcano.

Some of our time this week (and a lot of our time next week) has been spent on preparing our class assembly for next Friday.  The children have decided that they would like to share what they learned about the Scottish Wars of Independence.  Be prepared for lots of dramas!!

Next week we are out and about with the County Ranger as part of our John Muir Award.  Thank you to the two volunteers who have already offered their services.  I could do with a third helper if anybody else could make it on Thursday 8th March.

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