There’s a lot of reading going on in 5B. It’s wonderful when people are so keen to take AR quizzes.

We have some exciting news for May.

Brodie is now a word millionaire, having read 1 157 658 words so far in P5. Very well done Brodie.

Laura has been devouring books – sometimes she forgets to stop reading! She has a word count of ……… 2 289 968. Amazing!

Everyone’s  totals add up to 8 242 707 words read so far this session. Can we achieve 10 million?

Next week we will be beginning work on novel studies. Everyone can choose their favourite book. It could be a difficult choice for some of us!

One thought on “Millionaires!”

  1. Hi Mrs Macdonald

    Thank you for keeping this blog – it’s been really lovely to see what you’ve all been up to throughout the year. What a lot of adventures 5B have had! You’ve uploaded some super photographs and videos .

    Thank you for a wonderful year,

    Kirsty Adamson

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