Further update on school merger

Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to thank parents and members of the wider community for taking the time to come along to the meeting held at Haddington Infant School on the evening of 30 October 2017 to hear about the process and timing of the proposal to close both Haddington Infant School and King’s Meadow Primary School in order to establish a new school. As stated at the meeting, additional staffing arrangements are in place to ensure high-quality education provision is maintained through to the end of this academic session. Kirsty Murray, Depute Head Teacher, Haddington Infant School will lead and manage the school as Acting Head Teacher until the end of this term, 22 December 2017. Thereafter, Mrs McGillvray, Head Teacher, King’s Meadow Primary School will lead and manage both schools to the end of the academic session, 29 June 2018. An additional Depute Head Teacher will be appointed to Haddington Infant School during this period of time. As stated at the meeting, information on the educational benefits of the proposal and leadership and management of a new school will be included within the consultation proposal documents. I look forward to engaging with you further during the consultation period commencing 8 January 2018 and will continue to engage with the Chair of your Parent Councils to respond to any other queries in the meantime.


Kind regards


Fiona Robertson

Head of Education

John Muir House


01620 827834

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