Reading Homework Challenge.

P4A February 2018

P4A are being asked to present a small piece of research about an animal from a cold land.

How will you need to prepare?

    1. First choose your animal!
    2. Next,  find relevant information about your chosen animal under these 5 SUB HEADINGS -Family Life, Skills and Abilities, Fascinating Facts, Adaptation to the Cold and Food chain.
    3. Research your chosen animal: ask adults, look online and in books. Research will begin at school and continue at home.
    4. In your own words, write between 3 and 5 short facts about your animal under each sub heading.
    5. Decide how you will share the facts you have discovered?  You could pick a poster, power point, labelled drawing with notes or a small booklet.
    6. Once complete, practise sharing your information in front of someone at home.
    7. Be prepared to deliver your presentation to others on Wed 7th or Thurs 8th Feb 2018.


I am very much looking forward to seeing your presentations and hearing all about your researched animal.

Please ask if you need to borrow any paper, pencils or research books.

Mrs Muir

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