Haddington Primary School – School Review

I write to inform parents and carers that Haddington Primary School is to be the subject of an East Lothian Council Children’s Services’ School Review. This is a routine exercise and we are one school within a number of schools scheduled to be reviewed during this academic year.

All schools are subject to local authority school reviews. Haddington Infants’ and Kings Meadow, as was, were previously subject to a school review in 2016. Nearly seven years have passed since the previous reviews, nearly a generational cycle, therefore we are scheduled for a school review. Please note that the review is referred to as a ‘School Review’, however, as our Nursery is a class, our Nursery is included in the review.

The School Review will commence on Monday 26th September 2022. The School Review Team will undertake a ‘full review’ and this will take the duration of the full week.

All stakeholders will be consulted and will participate. There is a significant participation for the parent/carer community.

School Review; The Context

The purpose of school and early learning and childcare review is to support self-evaluation for self-improvement against the priorities in the National Improvement Framework with a focus on the quality of learning, teaching and assessment, progress in raising attainment and achievement, and leadership to change.

How will the School Review be conducted and what will be involved?

The school will be reviewed in the following areas:

  • Leadership of change
  • Safeguarding and protection of children
  • Curriculum
  • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Ensuring well-being, equality and inclusion
  • Raising attainment and achievement

The nursery will be reviewed in the following areas:

  • Leadership of change
  • Safeguarding and protection of children
  • Curriculum
  • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Securing children’s progress

How will information and evidence be gathered/collected:

  • The school will provide data: attainment, progress and achievement, attendance data, policies, standards and quality report and improvement plan priorities.
  • There will be direct observations: learning visits (the review team will visit and observe in class bases), pupil work samples and pupil assessment evidence.
  • Stakeholders’ views: the following focus groups will meet the review team – pupil focus groups, teacher focus groups, leadership team meetings, parent/carer focus group. *I will be issuing another communication in the following days inviting those parents/carers interested in joining a focus group.

The final part of the evidence gathering will take the form of surveys. Surveys have already been issued to pupils, teachers, support staff and the leadership team.

Please scroll below to find the link for the parent/carers survey. There are two surveys as follows: 1) Quality Improvement, and 2) Safeguarding and child protection.

I appeal that all parents/carers participate in the survey below. It is vitally important that the school review team receive as much information as possible to conduct the review as best as possible. Additionally, I am keen for our parent/carer community to convey and share the many effective and successful aspects of our school and its community.

The survey must be completed and submitted NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON MONDAY 19th SEPTEMBER 2022.

Parents and Carers Survey:

QIT Survey – https://forms.gle/qe1nVKCNkBAbDiwb8

Safeguarding Survey – https://forms.gle/iLCo2zeL8jT5UGSL6

I offer my most sincere and grateful thanks for your help and support.

In the event you have any questions regarding the School Review please do not hesitate to email me at wfrench@haddingtonps.elcschool.org.uk

Best wishes,  Willie French