Haddington Primary School – School Review – Week beginning Monday 26th September 2022

You may recall that I informed our parent/carer community of our impending Full School Review to be conducted by East Lothian Council’s Education and Children’s Services. This is normal practice and a number of primary and secondary schools are scheduled to be reviewed this school session.

The purpose of the SCHOOL and EARLY LEARNING and CHILDCARE REVIEW is to support self-evaluation for self-improvement against the priorities identified nationally, locally and by the school. The focus will be on the quality of learning, teaching and assessment, progress in raising attainment and achievement, and leadership of change.

The Review Team will be gathering evidence and information by way of the following:

  •  Quantitative data – provided by school.
  • Direct observations (learning visits to classes, viewing pupil work samples and viewing pupil assessment evidence).
  • People’s views (pupil focus groups, leadership meetings, teacher focus groups and parent/carer focus group).

Parent/Carer Focus Group

I invite those parents and carers who might be interested in joining a Parent/Carer Focus Group to consider this opportunity.  The Review Team are looking to meet THREE different groups of parents/carers, each group will consist of SIX parents/carers, therefore I want to invite EIGHTEEN parents/carers in total.

These meetings will take place DURING THE AFTERNOON and AFTER SCHOOL on WEDNESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2022.

All schools in Scotland are evaluated using Education Scotland’s ‘How Good Is Our School 4’. This document consists a series of QUALITY INDICATORS. Those parents/carers joining the focus groups will be encouraged to discuss the following indicators:

  • Quality Indicator 1.3 Leadership of Change
  • Quality Indicator 2.2 Curriculum
  • Quality Indicator 3.1 Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion
  • Quality Indicator 3.2 Raising Attainment and Achievement

I will provide those parents/carers selected with further information and guidance.

I invite those parents/carers who might be keen to join a focus group to register their interest as soon as possible. I will be selecting parents/carers to represent every stage, where possible, from Nursery through the school stages to P.7.

In the event that more than eighteen parents/carers register an interest, I will draw lots to identify those who will represent the parent/carer group.

Please e mail your name and child’s name and class if you are interested. Please email me at wfrench@haddingtonps.elcschool.org.uk

Please e mail me no later than close of business on THURSDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 2022.  Thank you all for your continued help and support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Willie French