Amazing Artwork Project

The P4 and 5 pupils were involved in a project called “Turn off the plastic tap Haddington Primary School” they were inspired by the work of artist Benjamin Von Wong, a Canadian artist who tries to make people aware of environmental issues through his artwork. They created and designed a structure to encourage our pupils and staff to reduce plastic. 

One thought on “Amazing Artwork Project”

  1. This looks incredible guys! Lil as your local plastic free social enterprise would be happy to talk to the students about problems with plastic, and/or to give a tour of our plastic-free refill shop. (It’s one part of how we help folk reduce our plastic.)

    There’s also a super Haddington artist, also a Lil, who has done some great work by creating art work from beach litter. Would you like us to see if she’d be interested in speaking to classes?

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