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7C Ecohouse building

Today 7C have spent the day applying what they learned during their sustainability topic. They have designed and built Ecohouses. They worked extremely well together and thank you to all those who brought in junk and art materials for the day. Photos of the finished products to follow!

Scottish Parliament Session

At the end of last term we were visited by a member of the Scottish Parliament’s education team. We learned more about how the Scottish parliament worked and we ran a debate in the style of real MSPs. Our presiding officer helped us to debate the motion “Should smoking be banned in Scotland completely?”. These photographs show us taking part in the debate.

Science Topic

Our science topic has been a great success and the children have learned about solubility, filtration and chemical reactions. They have also learned how to write up a science experiment using the correct layout and scientific vocabulary. The photos show us putting vinegar and baking soda together produces carbon dioxide.

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