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Spotlight Win For Mr Goodbourn!

Mr Goodbourn has been selected as a winner of an Active East Lothian spotlight award due to his commitment and enthusiasm with our running club. He has been volunteering his time over the last 4 years. Our running club runs before school and also during school time and gives our young people a chance to run round a planned route in our nearby park – This has been a great benefit to our school and the children who attend.

Nursery enrolment: Enrol your child by 6 March 2020

Nursery enrolment: Enrol your child by 6 March 2020
Families with a child born between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018 are being encouraged to enrol their child in nursery before 6 March 2020 for 2020/21.
Older children, or those who have not yet registered for an early learning and childcare place, should also register by this date.
To register for a place:
·         Visit and find out about the different options available in council nursery settings from August 2020.
·         Download a nursery registration form from the website.
·         Complete the form and take it to your preferred (first) choice nursery. You should also take your child’s birth certificate.
·         If you are choosing a blend of more than one provider, apply to your council nursery first and then speak to your funded provider – private nursery, childminder or community group – about what hours you would like from them.
·         Make sure your application is in before 6 March 2020. Applications will still be accepted after this date, but they will not be considered in the first allocation process. Please get in touch with the Early Years and Childcare team if you have any questions or you can’t register by 6 March 2020.
01620 827872/01620 828786/ 01620 820186

Week Ending 13th January 2017

Happy new Year to everyone.  Welcome back to a fun packed term.  You should have received your parent consultation form this week.  A big thank you to those of you who have handed it back already.  Our topic this term is Adapting To the Cold….very apt with the weather turning snowy all around us!  We will look at how animals, plants and humans adapt to extreme cold and research some animals who live in the Arctic and Antarctic circle.


Thursday 10th November 2016

We visited Dirleton castle today and had a great time hearing about times in the past and exploring all the features of a grand home.  The weather was cold but kind.  Here are some of the photographs that were taken throughout the visit so that you can have a glimpse of the learning taking place.

D Guy

Week Beginning 5th September 2016

Thank you to all of those who handed their spelling and maths homework in this week.  FIVE house points also rewarded for every child who remembered to show a grown-up their reading homework within their home-school diaries and get it signed!  We really are settling in well to P4C routines.

Congratulations to Victoria for receiving the most house points this week and becoming our special person.  Also well done to Finlay, Jack and Blythe who all followed the golden rule “Do Listen” brilliantly this week -certificates well deserved!

We had a mixed bag of weather this week, resulting in an indoor lunch and playtime.  Disappointingly, many of the wet weather games I provide for indoor play were vandalized beyond repair. With this in mind, and with the increasing lack of pencils and other essential stationery, next week’s focus will be our golden rule: “Do look after property”.  I have every faith that improvement will be noticeable.

Thank you to the parents who have already come forward to volunteer as helpers in class throughout the week.  Your time is very much appreciated.  If anyone else is keen to come in and spend time with us please pop a note in your child’s diary.

Mrs Guy