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Blogging, Publishing & Internet Safety

P6s have being continuing to blog with their teachers and will be learning more with Mr McEwan.

As well as posting some good work from class, they have been encouraged to write such topics as ‘5 Ways to Annoy Your Teacher’ or ‘5 Ways to Be Late For School.’

The purporse of these tasks has been to encourage the children to write and to use their blogging skills.

Most of the children came up with humourous responses, but some have literally typed things that WOULD annoy their teacher. Both versions have been accepted, as they have carried out the given task.

The good thing is it allows the teacher to give feedback to the pupils either as a reply or verbally. It encourages the children to think about audience and why some things may be more acceptable than others.

All posts on the actual School pages are approved by the teacher. There are times when a child may be asked to change something.

Some of the pupils have their own profile and can do status updates on the Main Leanring Network Page. These are free writing, but the children are aware that they should only be posting positive things about home and school and posts can be removed. They are also told who is their audience and the children have lessons on Internet Safety, and told to add their teacher as a friend.

In a Society where many children who are not yet old enough have their own FaceBook accounts etc, this is an opportunity for them to do similar activities in a safe environment.