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Adapting to the Cold

P4A conducted an experiment to fine how efficient blubber and hollow fur was at keeping you hand warm in icy water. Most of the results indicted that lard smeared on a rubber glove was very effective, but if you added a second glove and blew air in between the gloves as well, you really were as warm as a polar bear.

Term 3 in P4A

Happy New Year!

P4A have been back in school for a week now and have successfully adjusted back to the rhythm of school life. We have made our New Year resolutions and hopefully not broken them yet!

This term our topic is going to be ‘Adapting to the Cold’. Each child has chosen an animal to research and instead of bringing home a fiction book for reading they will be bring home non-fiction books and be expected to research their animal. They will have 4 research questions they have to answer and then they will have to present their findings to the class in any way they choose, for example PowerPoint or a poster. The presentation will need to be ready to present week beginning 06.01.17 – the last week before the February break. If you need to email it in to me my email address is

P4A will continue to get weekly spelling homework with the class record currently standing at 9 consecutive weeks with 8 out of 8. A great effort.

The 2nd half of the class started their 10 week swimming block this week. Please remember to bring swimming kit every Wednesday.

Once again a happy and prosperous New Year to all.

Mr Goodbourn.