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Our fish are being released into the river Tyne next week. We will be sad to see them go.

Please bring a jacket and, if you can, wellies or waterproof footwear. We will want to be near the water when they go….

The fish will be released at the beach area near the white (Stevenson) bridge. Amy from Forth Fisheries is coming to organise this. If any parents/carers would like to see the fish before they go, please pop in at the end of the day. Parents/carers are welcome to come along to the release too!

The release will take place on Wednesday, 1st March. We will be leaving the school at 2pm to walk over to the river.

Fish update

As you can see the fish are doing well. Mr Purvis has been looking after them while we were on holiday – a huge thank you for this.

Looking closely we can now see that the food sacs are disappearing and they are looking more like mini fish!