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Weekly Post with Ivy and Mia

Hi its Ivy and Mia here,

This week in 6a we have been starting lots of new topics and also changed tables!


We have been naming our tables this is what we’ve come up with

Waffle cakes

3 waffle pugs and the odd rat

Trumpty dumpty

FNAF in the Tardis with ASDF

Team waffles

Team spitfire

And of course we saved the best for last our table the party pineapples!!

Oh and I think there is a waffle obsession in this class

New beginnings

As we have started the new year we have started some new topics such as



Algebra and decimals (BORING)


And reading comprehension

Well that is all we have for you this week so over and out




P.S To Mr Smith…………..Hi!! 🙂



Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone in primary 6a and their families had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.  The children have all had a good break and have settled in well to the new term.

We started off this week thinking about New Years Resolutions. We talked about what they were and what we could do to try and keep to them. We each wrote our resolutions in a star and we are all going to try out best to keep to them.

This week we have started learning about the Victorians. We created a list of things we already knew and things we wanted to learn more about. We worked in groups to make a timeline of events in British history. We then created a timeline of significant dates in the Victorian period as a class. We also found out a bit about Queen Victoria and her family tree. In the next few weeks we will be learning about children’s lives in Victorian times, Victorian schools, children’s rights, housing and health care.

In primary 6a this week we have also moved into new cooperative learning teams. We all worked together to come up with our own team names. Our names include: The Party Pineapples,  The Wafflecakes, Trumpty Dumpty, The Waffles and Team Spitfire. Some teams are still deciding their names. We are looking forward to working with our new team mates.


Gabe and Nathan’s Post (week beg 28/11/16)

This week in p6a we have been working on the circulatory system in our topic the body systems.

We have also been doing division in numeracy and we have been doing fractions in group maths .

In reading we have been doing Scottish inventors and their inventions. We have been doing chat shows  and interviewing inventors.

In PE we have been doing volley ball at the Aubigny.

Katie and Stella’s class blog (week beg. 7th Nov.)

Class Blog

This week p6A have been up to loads! We have written leaflets about the human nervous system and in every day ( usually ) we do the daily mile.

On Friday we all went to our Friday Clubs and then after forty mins or so we come back to p6A.

At assembly a man came into the school hall and talked to us about recycling rubbish.

On Tuesday the pursuers from 6A went to Edinburgh Sherriff Court and Katie Munro was a lawyer and so was Matthew Scullion. Adam Macdonald, Elgin Millar and Sam Cecil were the pursuers witnesses. Unfortunately we did not win the court case.

The  next day the defenders went to court . The lawyers for the defenders were Mia Cambell and Gabriel Curry-Law the witnesses were Nathan Young Konnall Bunting and Harrison Kerr. Happily won there court case.

Ivy and Grace’s weekly post

Here is your weekly update in P6A this week

On Monday we were off school but I hope you knew that because that would have been awkward.

On Tuesday we went into new tables and we have started a system called cooperative lear.ning where each person in the table has a number and we use them to do different tasks. We all had to name our tables so these are the names, Team Robo dogs, Team sausage bacon toast with Nutella on top, Team dolphin, Team destiny, Team Xbox hockey dogs, fabulous 4, The Mad Chocolateers and the empire of biscuits. We had art in the morning and started to design our art folders to keep our artwork in. Then in PE the girls did a beep test when the boys played rugby tag outside. Then we did our pre- test for fractions.

On Wednesday we did our multiplication and division pre-test and started a new topic, body systems. We will be learning all about how the body works. Then we went to our mock court groups.

Then on Thursday we had our rugby taster and we found out our Friday clubs.

And now at last on Friday we had the best assembly EVER. There was a massive quiz between the teachers and the pupils. It was awesome!!!  And then we started Friday clubs.

Reminders: bring in any old books

Dress up as a book character on Wednesday the 2nd

And the book fair is on Wednesday

That is all for this week bye! 😀

Ivy and Grace