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Art in the Playground

Yesterday, 7B were given the challenge of scavenging items from the playground! They had 15 minutes to gather as many different items, of all shapes, colours and sizes. They then had to work in small groups to create a piece of art.

Here are some of their works:

Nick, Kyle and Sam

Eilidh and Millie
Emma, Eve and Imogen


Andrew and Reece

The children will be learning about Land Art and looking at some famous examples. Using the knowledge gained, we will be heading to Neilson Park next week to see what we can create from our findings.

Watch this space:-)

Welcome back :-)

7B have had a busy start to the New Year and have been working hard:-)

We’ve made an exciting start to our sustainable living topic. We’ve already been out-and-about looking for human impact on the environment in the local area.  We are now researching renewable and non-renewable energy sources, focusing specifically on their pros and cons.  We will also be designing an ‘eco-friendly’ house and thinking generally about how we can live in a more sustainable way.  At the end of our topic we will be visiting Ravensheugh beach for a ‘challenge’ day.  We will be using all the skills and knowledge we have acquired throughout the topic in this different context.

7B have displayed a very mature approach to our Health topic work so far. There have been lots of good discussions and questions along the way!

In Numeracy, we are working on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Keep working away at those multiplication tables to help with rapid recall of facts!


7B Mock Election

The Winners!


The Runners Up!


The Other Parties




Well done to everyone in 7B for their hard work during our election campaign.  Every party produced manifestos, posters, rosettes and press releases.  An extra special well done to our candidates who gave the election speeches.   A fun and interesting way to find out about how democracy works.

7B visit to John Gray Centre

7B visited the John Gray Centre yesterday to find out about how the War affected East Lothian and Haddington. We discovered that bombs had been deposited over Haddington and the shops in the  High Street were hit.

andrew brodie girl-2 girl-3 girl-4 girl1 oliver reece

A highlight, for some, was getting to try on this replica Gas Mask to see what it would have felt like wearing one.

Well done 7B!! A super assembly

** Mrs McGinlay would like to say a HUGE thank you and well done to all in 7B ** You have worked really hard to bring this assembly together and I thought you were fab!


                       War is declared!!


Our Wonderful ARP wardens!


GBBO- Rationing week. Paul and Mary would be proud:-)