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Playground improvements have started

Hopefully some of you will have noticed the changes that have taken place in the playground. This is the start of work organised by the parent council along with Sarah Cheyne, who is ELC landscape architect and also a KM parent. This work has been funded by the PTA.

A number of parents came along on Friday the 15th of June, in the rain, and put in a lot of hard work ,digging mainly. This has resulted in a sand pit, a small hill and variety of other item such as tyres and barrells. Hopefully this will make the playground more interesting for the pupils. This is very much a WIP and will be continuing next term. If you are interesting in contributing in anyway please let us know. This project is being co-ordinated by Juliet Wilberforce and Brian Smith.

Big thanks to all who helped on Friday and special big thanks to our friendly farmer.

Sale of used school uniform

The PTA sells on used uniforms. Sweatshirts,Polo Shirts and Fleeces. We are currently running low on stock of the older age group 11-12.

If you have any unwanted items please hand in to the school and please remember us at the end of the summer term if your child no longer needs these items.

We are hoping to have another sale at the start of the next school year. All  details will be on this web site

Festival cafe and sale of uniforms.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the Festival Cafe this year. We managed to raise £623.21 from the cafe & an additional £83.83 from the sale of the left over cakes at the Bring an Adult to School Night last night. There was also £32.50 raised last night from the sale of uniforms making a grand total of £739.54 raised over the past two days which is a brilliant amount.