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Nature Detectives’ Update

tufted-duckThis winter look out for Dippers, Goosanders, Tufted Ducks , Grey Wagtails and Kingfishers, but remember to be quiet so you hagoodanderve more chance to see them . Feed the birds this winter because in winter there is a lack of seed and insects. At nature detectives we will make feeders out of apples, seeds and  lard.


Education Accessibility Strategy

Every local authority Education Department has a statutory duty to develop an Accessibility Strategy and action plan.  East Lothian Council are currently working on a new strategy and as part of that process we have prepared questionnaires for parents and partners.

The link to the questionnaires on the East Lothian Consultation Hub is:


As you will be aware, just before the end of last session, all of the Haddington Primary schools took part in a video to promote the Red Hot Chilli Pipers’ new album. We all had a super afternoon, particularly those children who were lucky enough to be chosen for starring roles. The video is a great record of that afternoon and shows the town of Haddington in all its glory. You can view the video by copying and pasting the following link into your browser: