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Message from Nicola McDowell – Head of Education

I wrote to you last week to let you know that Mrs Helen Gardyne had been appointed as Head Teacher for Haddington Primary School and that she would start after the October Break.

I am now writing with interim arrangements. Mrs Sally Murray and Mrs Kirsty Murray, DHTs, will share the post of Acting Head Teacher until Mrs Gardyne starts in post.

The arrangements will be as follows:

* Monday/Tuesday and alternate Fridays: Kirsty Murray

* Wednesday/Thursday and alternate Fridays: Sally Murray

On these days, the Acting Head Teacher will be based in the upper campus.

As always, your first point of contact should be the class teacher. Following that year group/level leads will be as follows:

* Early Level: Sally Murray

* First Level: Kirsty Murray

* Second Level: Caroline Wight

I am very grateful to Mrs Murray and Mrs Murray for their support in taking the school forward as Acting Head Teacher in advance of Mrs Gardyne joining as Head Teacher.

I wish you all a lovely summer break when it comes.

Head Teacher Announcement

Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to inform you that following interview, Mrs Helen Gardyne is the preferred candidate for the permanent post of Head Teacher of Haddington Primary School.

Mrs Gardyne is currently Head Teacher of Ormiston Primary School in East Lothian. She is a very experienced school leader, and is delighted to have been appointed to the post of Head Teacher at Haddington.

Due to the late stage in the school session to be able to appoint a new Head Teacher to replace Mrs Gardyne at Ormiston, she will not be able to start in post until October, therefore I will appoint an Acting Head Teacher for Haddington until then. I will give you further details of this before the end of term next week.

I know you will all make Mrs Gardyne very welcome when she starts in post.

Nicola McDowell, Head of Education

End of Session – Pupil Progress Reports

I hope everyone in our community is well.  You will be aware that a Pupil Progress Report is provided to all parents and carers towards the end of an academic session.

Many of you will also be familiar with the Pupil Progress Report format that we have used over the course of the past three years. This format was designed in consultation with parents/carers and the format reflected the information that parents/carers considered most important.

During the course of this academic session, we have been advised that we are required to use the SEEMIS format, SEEMIS is the registration and administration package that is used by all schools across Scotland.

The use of the SEEMIS format has presented several challenges, one of which was the date of submission of our ACEL data (A Curriculum for Excellence Level) to the local authority and the Scottish Government thereafter.

Our staff team has committed a great effort to produce our end of session Pupil Progress Report.

The Pupil Progress Reports will be issued on Monday 26th June 2023. I acknowledge that this is close to the end of the session, however, every effort has been made to issue the reports as soon as possible. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Best wishes,  Willie