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p5 River Dipping

P 5 went river dipping in the River Tyne with Caroline  Freeman.  We had fishing nets, plastic tubs and glass containers  to see what we could find.   We did not find any fish because the water was too shallow.  We saw a herrin and we found lots of insects.  We were in groups of three or four to help us find more things.  We also had peoples parents or granparents to help us so a big thank you to them.  Caroline also went on our nature walks with us. Caroline gave us a sheet that said what the animals were that we were most like  to see.  Some times if you were lucky Caroline would put your animal in a jar and show the class.  When we found  insects Caroline told us what they were called and what they do.

We all enjoyed our River Dipping

By Marny and Amy

P.5 Author Visit

A couple of weeks ago p.5 went to Haddington libary and met the author Oliver Eade .

He told us about his new book  Moon Rabbit.  It was very interesting .

He told us that the book was about a little Chinese girl and a Scottish boy who live in Peebles in the Scottish Borders.  They fell in a river and ended up in ancient China  where they had to save the  blue dragon by getting his red pearl back.

Oliver Eade’s Chinese wife came along to and told us a lot of stories about China.

Some of us have read the book and we think it is great.   The author left signed copies at the library to buy.

                                            Emily and Jamie 5 c

P7 Common room

Thursday the 27th of may, P7 had the opening of there common room during the Bring An Adult to School night. There was a BBQ – which by the the way was a big hit. Even when it was chucking it down with buckets of water. Thanks to the P.T.A who were  determind to do the BBQ . Through Wind, Rain or snow they managed to keep it going. To open the common room, Mr Ledingham ( head of education in East Lothian ) came to cut the ribbon so the common room was open. As well as the common room the school was open to parents to view what their child had been doing over the last few months.