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Job Vacancy: School Crossing Patrol Guide, Kings Meadow

10 hours 5 minutes per week, 38 weeks per year

£13,869- £14,745 pa pro rata (£7.60-£8.08 per hour)   

Closing Date 13 February 2011

Hours of work:

Monday-Thursday 8.15am-9.00am, and 3.00pm-4.20pm

Friday 8.15am-9.00am, and 11.55am-12.55pm

Anyone interested in the post can either apply online at or call the HR Recruitment team on 01620827315 or 01620827911 to request an application form


All the schools in East Lothian will be closed to children today.  Where staff can get to school safely they should do so.  Where not they should work from home.

p5 River Dipping

P 5 went river dipping in the River Tyne with Caroline  Freeman.  We had fishing nets, plastic tubs and glass containers  to see what we could find.   We did not find any fish because the water was too shallow.  We saw a herrin and we found lots of insects.  We were in groups of three or four to help us find more things.  We also had peoples parents or granparents to help us so a big thank you to them.  Caroline also went on our nature walks with us. Caroline gave us a sheet that said what the animals were that we were most like  to see.  Some times if you were lucky Caroline would put your animal in a jar and show the class.  When we found  insects Caroline told us what they were called and what they do.

We all enjoyed our River Dipping

By Marny and Amy