We have been learning all about the body.  In pairs we made annotated diagrams on the digestive system.  We learnt your stomach has acids and gastric juices that help your food break down!

We have also been learning about the bones, organs and muscles!

In maths, we have been doing fractions which we find fun! We used Mathletics to do work on fractions and division work.

On Wednesday we got to do a Rugby session with Kenny and Gabby.  We are looking forward to our next session.

Some of us are still swimming too!

We played a trust game this week.  We had to close our eyes and rely on our classmates to get us across the room with obstacles. We hope this will help build friendships in the class.

We also did some reading comprehension cards to help with our AR! Last week we got to see our AR reports and we have certain areas to work on.

Finally, we spoke about our class assembly because it is very close! It is 3 weeks away!


We all had great holidays and hope you did too!

This first week back of the new term has gone quickly.

We have started to learn about Sikhism. We watched a video about the beginnings of Sikhism and we learnt that a Guru is a teacher, the learners are called Sikhs, the founder of Sikhism is called Guru Nanak.  Nanak lived in Punjab in India.

We also started to learn about UNCRC – United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We learnt that the UNCRC is important because it helps children to have happy and healthy lives.  There are 40+ rights that children have! Every child has the right to clean water, decent shelter, nutritious food and many more.

In maths we are continuing with our division work and are now doing remainders! Some of us were doing division bingo!

In our assembly we were learning about dyslexia and we watched a video.  We found out that people who are dyslexic have bigger brains than those who don’t have it!

In ICT we were researching some more about the rights of the children.

In PE we went outside on the pitch! We were learning about rounders, cricket and baseball.

In art we were finishing off our characters from last term.

Today we finished our class novel and will vote on our new one on Monday!


This week we have done a lot of assembly practice. We chose everybody’s parts and now everyone knows what their job is! Our actors are – Ben, Emma, Finn, Finlay, Anna, Joss, Will and Michael. Miss Sutherland would like to say how hard everyone has been working and that so far our non-fiction part is looking pretty good!

 We are continuing with our work on division.  A lot of the class are enjoying this work in maths!

In PE we have been learning different throws.  There are different throws – one hand and two hand!

In ICT we got to have some free time at the end because of how hard we had been working on our assembly.

Everyone is continuing to do well in AR, we have had some more 100%s this week! Well done!

In music we are  doing lots of work with our voices so our singing is the best it can be for our assembly!

We have also done the Easter story this week! We watched a video about the Easter story and we highlighted the main points.  Our activity was to sequence the Easter story in the correct order.  This work is now up on the wall – they are all very good!

Next week is going to be very busy! One very busy week left until the holidays!

Week beginning 17/3/14

Today is sports relief! We are all dressed in sports gear and funny hats! We hope to raise a lot of money because not everybody has what we have.

This week we have started our assembly prep! We had lots of good ideas but we finally narrowed it down to one!

In maths we have started division work! Miss Sutherland thinks we all made a great start to this work and we will continue this for a few weeks.

This week was our last week of swimming L We got to dive and play with the floats!

In ICT we were researching our non-fiction books! This will help in our homework task and Miss Sutherland asks for everyone to look out for the homework sheet!

In PE we have started doing different types of throwing.  We did underarm and overarm!

In art we were colouring in our illustration pictures!

Next week will be extremely busy with assembly preparations and we look forward to performing it for you! J


This week we have started working on our Primary 4 assembly.  This is going to be about World Book Day and all about books. We will be doing our part on non-fiction.  We have also been learning the songs we will be singing.

This week we have also started doing active spelling tasks! These help us throughout the week with our spelling words.

This was our second last week of swimming lessons.  We had to work on our ‘skulling’.  Some of us got to swim as many lengths as we could!

In ICT we were working on our research skills by using search engines to find facts.

In maths we are still working on time.  We have started to look at time duration and how long things take.

The winning table this week is…Demon Dragons! Well done to them.

24th February

This week was Miss Sutherland’s birthday.  She is now really old!

In maths we are still learning about time.  We have been working on 5 minute intervals on both analogue clocks and digital clocks.  Miss Sutherland wants to say a huge well done to everyone for working so hard. 

On Monday we did a 50 word spelling test! This was to see how we were getting on and what we could remember!

In swimming we were doing the best stroke – breast stroke! We also were treading water for one minute 30 seconds. 

This week was exciting in terms of our writing work.  We were finishing off and submitting our BBC Radio 2 stories.  We will hear back in April if we got through to the next round. 

We have started to look at non-fiction books.  We were learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction and will be learning all the skills related to non-fiction texts!

Next week we are going to be choosing our own non-fiction book from the Library! Parent helpers are more than welcome J

The table point winners this week are………NightFury – again! Well done to them for working so hard.

17th February

We all had a great Feb break.  Some of us spent time away in different places, spending time with family and just relaxing.

 On our first day back, we finished off our gymnastic work in PE.  We got the wall bars out and did some leap frog over the vaults! We saw a boy demonstrate this in assembly this week too, with Mr Smith!

On the last Friday, we were introduced to the BBC Radio 2 500 words writing competition.  We have been doing a lot of work on our stories.  We have also been peer assessing other stories and giving constructive feedback.

 In maths, we have started to work on time.  We learnt about am and pm.  We also started to use analogue clocks to tell the minutes past and minutes to the hour.  This was a bit tricky to start with but we are working at become time PROS J

 We finally managed to finish our Titanic pictures and they are now proudly displayed in the classroom. 

 In swimming we were learning how to do the breast stroke! We also got to go under each other’s legs!

 We have had a good first week back and look forward to finishing our stories!  


This week we have been working on our Chinese dance.  It has been really fun and we have managed to put together some brilliant dance sequences.  We watched our classmates perform and gave feedback.   Some groups have improved greatly.

In ICT we were making PowerPoint’s.  We were using what we have learnt about the celebrations and traditions of Chinese New Year to make these. 

In handwriting we are peer assessing everybody’s work.

In swimming we have been learning the back stroke.  We all think this is quite easy and look forward to next week’s lesson!
We also got to swim a length of the pool!

On Monday we got our new ZPD codes! We were all excited to get these and look forward to the new books we can read.

We are continuing on with our times table work and we did a table square this week! This was timed and we look forward to trying to beat our time next week.  Maths homework is due on Wednesday – please remember your times table cards!

We decided to make some props for our dance.  We have started to make masks of each animal.  We picked out the main features that needed added to our mask.  When that is done, we are going to pick out the main features again to cover in paper mache.  These will get painted next week!

The winners of the table points this week are………..the Silly Snakes! Well done to them.

Over and out from 4C.


We went swimming again this week.  We all have our swimming diaries to complete at home on Wednesdays. 
This week, we got to swim in and out of hoops and we also got to jump in the deep end!

 In PE, we had lots of fun because we got to do balancing and a ‘V-sit’. 

 In ICT we have been continuing to learn how to keep ourselves Esafe!  Next week, we’ll be putting what we learnt to good use and will be creating posters to show others how to be safe on the Internet. 

In maths, we have been continuing with our times tables.  We have been doing the 4 and 8 times tables.  We have been learning handy tricks to help us with these. 

In art, we learnt how to print using our Titanic pictures.  This was great fun.

 We have started to look at Dance this week! These dances are going to be related to our topic, Chinese New Year.  We were allocated three animals – Ox, Tiger and Rooster.  We had a class discussion about the characteristics of each animal and how we might portray these characteristics with movement.

On Wednesday we all got a chance to recite our Scots poems to the class.  Miss Sutherland thought the effort from everyone was fantastic.  We had a tough time choosing our top three…but in the end we decided to choose Gillian, Joss and Owen to recite at our Year Group Meeting on Friday. 

 The winners of the table points this week are……..FIREHORSES! Well done to them.

 This has been an excellent week…until next, have a great weekend.  P4C  🙂


This week has been a fun week!

We have been learning more about China.  We have looked at the Chinese New Year story and we identified the main points.  We then summarised these in our own words.
We also created mind maps to show what we have learnt about China.  We watched a video to help us and worked in pairs using the laptops to find information.

In PE we were doing more gymnastic work.  It was really fun.  We also went swimming again this week. 

As always, we are using cursive handwriting when we do written work.  We have been learning the ‘ill’ join. 

In drama, we were thinking about using our facial expressions, voices and bodies to portray different animals from the Chinese New Year story.  We did an activity called ‘hot seat’. It was fun, we had to pretend to be an animal and develop their character by being asked questions by others.

We looked at Scots words this week! We also looked at different Scots poems.  Miss Sutherland is looking forward to hearing these poems on Wednesday!

We decided to change our table names to relate to our new topic.  We now have…..Demon Dragons, Terrific Team Tiger, Silly Snakes, Fire Horse, Nightfury and Epic Elephants.  Nightfury had the most points this week with a grand total of….60! Well done to them.

In maths, we have been focusing on the 2 and the 4 times table.  When doing the 2 times table we learnt the rule that you double once….but with the 4 times table you double twice! Times tables cards are still going home for homework. 

In art we are nearly finished our Titanic pictures. 

This was an epic week 😀

6th January 2014.

We were all tired for the first week back.  Everyone had a good Christmas holiday and we were able to hear all about everyone’s news.

We wrote about what we did in the holidays.

In ICT we were learning about how to keep ourselves ‘ESafe’.  We discussed the dangers of using the internet and how to make sure we were safe using it. 

In art we were finishing off our Titanic pictures with Mr Connell.

In PE we were doing gymnastics! We were jumping and balancing on different equipment.  This is something which we look forward to continuing.
We also went swimming this week! It was amazing, fun and exciting.  We did a ‘Jack-in-the-box’, which meant we had to go under water and jump up!

We were told what our new topic was today – it is China with a strong focus on Chinese New Year! We think it’ll be a fun and exciting topic and we look forward to learning about the different animals. 

We rearranged the classroom and are now sitting at new desks.  We gave our table a table-name and now we get table points.  The names are……Ping-Pong Pogos, Fantastic 4, Silly Celtics, Terrific Team Tiger and Pinging Pandas and Popping Penguins!

In maths, we did our two and four times tables.  We learnt the connection between the two.  We learnt about doubling the two times table to get the four times table! We will be continuing with times tables for this term.

To make ourselves better at following instructions …. We did some work on how to follow them! We had to read about how to look after a rabbit and then write instructions about how rabbits could look after us!

That is all from P4C this week, until next ………over and out..P4C 🙂


P4C are finally up and running with the class blog after issues with log-in details and passwords!

As a class, we will try every week to update you on what we have been learning.

We have been learning to do Scottish country dancing this week.  We danced the Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn Dance.  Some people thought this was hard and others thought it was quite easy and fun!
Also in PE, we have been learning how to serve in Badminton.

In writing, we have created a diary extract from our passengers point of view, about the first time they saw the Titanic.  We used all our senses to describe our feelings and experiences.  We also discussed the different features of a diary – past tense, relfections, the date.  We wrote ALL of our diary extract in cursive handwriting!

In art we have been making cabins from the Titanic.  This showed us how different social groupings lived differently.   We made first, second and third class cabins.  We are pleased with the results! Other teachers have also commented on how good our cabins look.  We are very pleased with this because we put a lot of effort in to making them.

In ICT we have started to learn how to make PowerPoint presentations.  We started to make one on what we have been learning about the Titanic.

In maths we have been learning about money.  We have been practising how to pay for things and figuring out how much change we would receive in different scenarios.  We used the laptops to play some money games and had a look to see how much money was in Miss Sutherlands purse! We have also been practising our ‘loop card’ subtraction game and have managed to get our time down to 7minutes and 24 seconds.  We think we can definitely decrease this time!

Some of us have been playing hockey on Thursday lunch times.  We did the ‘Indian dribble’.  We found this quite simple.  We also learnt how to do ‘slide passes’.

We have had a busy week and look forward to a rest this weekend!



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