My Favourite Subject – Findlay

My favourite subject is Topic and at the moment we are doing Friction. My favourite part was doing the experiments. We made a ramp on different surfaces using a board and a few dictionaries. We rolled a car down the ramp and measured how far it went. Then we recorded our results.


Club Golf by Owen

We have been taking part in club golf with Mrs Murray and the golf development officer. I enjoyed learning about the putt, chip and long drive. My favourite activity was passing the ball to my partner then he had to hit the target. I really enjoyed it and would like to thank Mrs Murry for helping us.


Maths by Jess

In set maths I have been learning how to add and take away using chimney sums. Mrs Guy is a great maths teacher. In class maths I have learned about area and perimeter. Area is the space inside a shape and the perimeter is the length around the outside of a shape.


Electricity Topic by Callum D and Keir

We have really enjoyed our topic on electricity and found out lots of interesting things. We made power stations in groups of 3 or 4 using junk. We made wind turbines that work when you blow on them. We found out about the journey of electricity and how it gets from the power station to our houses. In art we made pylon men with Mrs Reid.

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  1. I enjoyed doing golf learning about chip put and long drive and callum d was great partner thx callum

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