We created our own static electricity experiments and found out it can be confetti dancing, hair raising, water bending stuff….take a look at us in action!

Static Electricity
We rubbed the balloon on our head and…
We moved more than Hair!
Static Electricity experiments


Primary 5 C wrote some amazingly spooky stories last week.  They used descriptive words and tried to partition their ideas in to paragraphs….Kirsty received a certificate for hers… are you brave enough to read on?… I arrived at the gates and pushed them open.  They creaked noisily as  if crying to all the ghosts of the night.  I stood up in front of the massive house, staring at the uninviting front door.  I decided it was best to turn around but as I tried to a pair of freezing cold, bloodshot hands pushed me through the gates and up the path to that door!Next part coming soon…


We designed fireworks displays in maths this week.  We had to agree on the length of the display and fix a budget, then we had to choose different types of fireworks to fit our time and budget limits.  Once created we sat back and enjoyed the spectacular show.  Well done P5 they were amazing!

Firework Maths on PhotoPeach

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