Class Assembly

Parents and Carers are invited to attend our class assembly on Friday 20th March from 09.00 – 09:30. This will be in the school hall and is an opportunity to see what we have been doing in class.

We plan to be sharp so that any opportunity to see the solar eclipse due at 9:40 will not be missed!

Mrs G

IMG_1409 IMG_1414 IMG_1415

We are now deep in the midst of our Building Bridges technology topic.

We hope to learn a great deal about the design of different kinds of bridges and transfer the skills we have in a three day finale where our construction teams will be challenged to use their new knowledge to design, build and test a miniature bridge of their own.


Red Nose Day Celebrations.  Thank you so much for all your brilliant efforts, we had a super boogie during our dance a thon.  Congratulations to all, we raised £249.08

Mrs G





February 2015

With medieval dancing demonstrations, story telling, weaving demonstrations, historical information on feudal systems, heraldry and stained glass windows our Medieval Scotland visitor’s centre was a bustling hive of activity this afternoon.  Thank you to P 5 A and B who came to see our work and thank you too to the parents and grandparents who came to see us and share in what we have learned this term.

IMG_1233 IMG_1237 IMG_1244 IMG_1247 IMG_1249

P5C’s Medieval Scotland topic has been a smashing success and we have all enjoyed the internet research involved in finding out about the life and times of people in that period of our country‟s history. We were very pleased with the great response we had from family and friends who came to our visitor’s centre and shared in our learning. Thank you for coming! We were also very pleased to receive a special award for our efforts from the other children in P5 as they all enjoyed hearing our stories, watching our medieval dancing and looking at our heraldry and stained glass designs.

I hope you have a fantastic February break and I look forward to seeing you all soon

Mrs G


What a busy week we have had in P5C this week!

We made bird cakes to take with us on our winter walk to assist the wildlife in the coldest of months, coinciding with the RSPB big bird watch this weekend.

We welcomed Leigh from the SSPCA on Wednesday and she taught us all about Scottish wildlife and the ways in which the SSPCA work towards their upkeep.  She also played games with us and let us try out some of  the special equipment that is used to keep native and foreign animals (sometimes smuggled into Scotland) safe from harm.

On Thursday we made our second of four outdoor journeys to the Railway Walk for our Winter Learning.  Jen Edwards, our local Countryside Ranger, helped us identify the trees that we had adopted on our previous Autumn Walk.  She also let us in on some invaluable survival information.  Can P5C remember the leaves best used to make a den as they trap air and act like mini duvets?

Meanwhile, throughout the week, we continued to research and undertake activities linked to our topic of Medieval Scotland.  We hope to try some tapestry next week and learn about some of the major Scottish personalities from the Middle Ages.

Mrs G



Well done to the class for their amazing efforts creating their Medieval Heraldry.  All worked extremely hard to create original designs in colours of the era.  The first week of our new Activity Clubs has gone well.  Congratulations also, to all the swimmers who represented the school today at Preston Pans Pool.


Happy New Year!

What a stormy week we have had weather wise!  An indoor playtime kept us safe and sound from the elements today.  Most have settled back into routine with ease and are working full steam ahead towards our goals.  Well Done!

Taryn received the most house points this week, so will be our special person next week, Estelle has been a model special person this week.

Everyone in the class has been given their new group novel and regular reading day for this term.  Please take time to read a small section of the text and discuss events and story line with your child on a weekly basis.  Accelerated reading tests will be taken at the end of the novel study under the heading ” I have read this story with an adult”.

Mrs G


Well done to the entire class for their contribution towards the Christmas Fair today.  I am so proud of you all for the fantastic merchandise you created and the beautiful singing you performed in the interval.  Have a fantastic holiday everybody…I look forward to seeing you all happy and healthy in the New Year!

IMG_0911 IMG_0910 IMG_0909 IMG_0908 IMG_0907 IMG_0934 IMG_0914 IMG_0912

Mrs G


John Muir Drama Session


John Muir Drama on PhotoPeach

<iframe width=”445″ height=”296″ src=”http://photopeach.com/embed/afw45s?mode=spiral” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mrs G



Well done to the entire class for their amazing efforts and fundraising for the BBC’s Children in Need this morning.  What an amazing array of original and imaginative costumes and superheroes!!

Congratulations also, to Billy and Jack who earned certificates of excellence for their well structured Haiku.

Golden Tickets were handed out to Isabella, Andrea, Anna and Eleanor for their amazing creativity and commitment to improvement in their reading.  Golden tickets were then exchanged for a prize book from the Book Fair….Well deserved surprise, Girls!

Our Learning Journey wall is a “living display” and will change with the seasons as we investigate and explore our local area.  Unfortunately, a mix up with dates at the Brunton meant that our John Muir drama was postponed, we look forward to a new date soon!


Our Country Comparison project kicked off this week. The children came up with some fantastic questions when we looked into what we would like to find out and how we want to find the information.  We all agreed that a giant floor book would be a great way to share the information we find, once published, we will put it in our school library for others to learn from and enjoy!

For any P5C child who reads this post with their parents:

………….if you whisper the word “apples” to me on Monday  – it’ll be worth a whopping 20 house points, I wonder how many apples there will be for teacher???? 

An eventful week by no mistake!

Mrs G


Thank you all so much for  the support from home during our class reading for information homework this past fortnight based on ELECTRICITY.  I was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of brilliant reports that were returned.  From electric fencing on farms to interactive quizzes, our display suddenly burst in to life!

Electricity Homework

Mrs G


Happy Hallowe’en to all.  Be safe and be seen as you guise this evening.

Here are just a selection of photographs taken on our first outdoor journey in our quest to achieve the John Muir Award…

Station Wall IMG_0746[1] IMG_0719[1]



Mrs G


We will be following our own outdoor journey plan(s) We have identified hazards and provided means to combat any issues that will arise during our walk.  Remember to wear clothes and footwear appropriate for a  walk on an Autumn day.

Outdoor access code

Mrs G


Our class came back from their Autumn break with a cracking hard working attitude.  We spent some time recapping our homework procedure(s).  Everyone had their plastic pocket folder with their diary, maths, reading and spelling homework and took time to pop it in their bags…as a result we had record numbers of children handing in their homework on time this morning!  Well done P5C!!

We are continuing our project on electricity and magnetism – participating in a number of controlled experiments regarding magnetic materials.  We wrote up our results and had a great time being scientists :o)


Kerri  Eve and Charlie  Jack  


P5 had a sneaky peak at the P7 area V.E day celebration preparations,  we were so impressed and hope they had a fantastic time….

V.E celebration


This week we tried a game on electricity interactive.  We were given the challenge of saving a city from a power hungry ‘baddie’.  We became spies and accepted  5 challenges, having to solve them all to rescue the city from certain power cut.

We worked in twos to build simple circuits and identified household items in categories of which use and do not use electricity.  We will continue our challenge(s) in ICT next week!

Amy and Gemma sort out circuits
The girls sort out circuits
Ellen Eve Jack and Chris build a circuit
Ellen Eve Jack and Chris build a circuit

First Club Golf

First of all, a huge thank you to all of the  parents who have given up their time to support our class during their PE lessons.

As part of the First Club Golf program, Kate Green, the Golf Development Officer, comes into school to deliver a game session with the children. For this we need one adult for each hole on the course or it will be very difficult to run. If you are available on Thursday 9th October 10:00-11:15 to support us could you please let Mrs Guy know?

Many thanks to Mrs Roche for this little gem of an idea x

Mrs G


Well, we had a great day today surrounded by penguins and polar bears as we commence our Christmas Cards ready for completion next week! White paint and glitter in September does feel a little out of context, but well worth the effort for the great results.

I have placed stickers in diaries to confirm dates and times for the up-coming parental consultations, any children who didn’t have their diaries today will get their stickers on Monday.  Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

Mrs G



A short and busy week.  Homework hand in day was changed to accommodate our holiday Monday.  Congratulations to Alex for winning the house points certificate this week.  You get to be special person all next week, better than ‘King for a day’

Mrs G



We had Golden Time a day early this week due to the Friday holiday.  The weather was kind so we all got outside to play and make the most of the sunshine.  Congratulations to all of you who followed the Golden Rules and earned the time to spend catching up with friends and playing in what was a very positive and warm atmosphere.

Mrs G



Mr Smith taught us today because Mrs Guy was at Ross High School in Tranent on a course to help us all be extra clever at accelerated reader.  We made posters to advertise the Ryder Cup.  Eve got a positive referral for a job well done! Great stuff, Eve, Congratulations!

Mrs G



We all looked very smart for our School Photographs on Monday Morning.

Please remember to label your uniforms. Jumpers make great goal posts but cause unnecessary stress when not claimed as everyone exclaims “it’s no mine!”

Mrs G” title=”John Muir Drama”>

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  1. Lots of exciting things to read about. You are certainly a busy class. I really liked your ‘living display’ which I’m sure will see lots of changes this year…maybe some snow! Anna was very proud of her golden ticket and is looking forward to reading her surprise book. Keep up all the hard work 5C. 🙂

  2. Yeh… Go Mrs Wood- our first response this year. Thank you for your kind comment. 10 house points coming Anna’s way in the morning :o)

  3. Thanks Jen, hope to have some sneak peek photos of our fabby crafts for the 12th on next week, thank you too for the jars x

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