Commonwealth Games Week got off to a fantastic start today with the King’s Meadow Baton Relay around Haddington.  Harrison Dixon produced the winning baton design in  P7C and here he is with his team of designers (Jamie Gilkison, Tom Wilson and Ben Ritchie) and the completed baton!

baton designers

In our class PE time today, we completed a “Woodland Workout” in the trees at Neilson Park.  We make some fun “nature faces” to cool down after all our physical exercise! 

nature face 3

sophie's grass face


P7C have been creating treehouses, preparing “This is your life!” dramas about famous explorers and collaborating in some fun science experiments as part of their learning through our new topic “Exploration and Discovery”.  You have excellent team working skills P7C – keep it up!






P7C created a toilet roll model of the relative distances of the planets to each other and the sun in our solar system.  One group hit an asteroid (a wet puddle!) but most groups had success despite the wind and the need for quite a lot of sellotape to hold it down!  We learned that the rocky planets are much closer together than the gas giants.  We learned about the asteroid belt and the oort cloud too!


P7 pre-camp activity group and week challenge…..


 DSCF3618    Look how well they did!!






Look at P7C making a vegetable cous cous…




2 weeks until Dalguise and Activity week! 🙂


P7C have had a great first week back after our Christmas holidays. 

In writing we created excellent imaginative stories about  being stranded on Madagascar with some superb examples of descriptive writing…..

“Water rushes over my head and into my mouth as I tumble in the foaming darkness.  Wood and metal swirl around me crashing into my limbs and making my head spin.  I don’t know where I am, why I’m here and where I’m going.  Something bangs into my head making lights pop before my eyes and everything goes black.  I wake up with my face pressed into soft, cool sand…….”  by Isla Booth.

We have also been using atlases to place countries on the map…..try challenging yourself to name 10 African countries!

5 thoughts on “P7C”

  1. 1. Kenya
    2. Togo
    3. Madagascar
    4. Guinea
    5. South Africa
    6. Chad
    7. Sudan
    8. Ethiopia
    9. Algeria
    10. Lybia

  2. 1.Kenya
    4.South Africa



  3. Well done Elli and Daisy for completing the newsletter challenge to find 10 African countries! 10 hp each!

  4. MAY 2014 NEWSLETTER Answers to Space Quiz – P7C – Sarah Greenwell

    Q1. Person who said “Houston, the Eagle has landed” (misquote): – Neil Armstrong (The correct quote is:- “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” )

    Q2. The first woman in space was:- Valentina Tereshkova

  5. Well Done Sarah for the correct answers to the space questions in the May newsletter! Put your house points up tomorrow 🙂

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