Internet Safety

You may find the following links useful:

EMPPC – Safer Internet Responsible Use Guidelines – 9-02-15 (v1 2) (particularly good for up to date advice on how to keep privacy settings maintained on various different platforms.)

CEOP Resources To access CEOP resources you will need to create an account on the CEOP website.

Hectors World Hector’s World is a series of six cartoons for 5-7 year olds. Hector is a young dolphin who is learning all about the internet. Over the course of the cartoons he explores ways to keep his information private and how to get help when he is worried. Hector’s World comes with a range of supporting materials.

Lee and Kim Lee and Kim is a cartoon for 5-7 year olds. It follows Lee and Kim, who are primary aged children playing an online game. The film highlights the importance of being careful online, and helps children to recognise important online behaviours such as being kind to other people and not talking to strangers.

Play Like Share Play Like Share is a three-episode animated series which aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online. It is designed to be viewed by children in the context of at least three learning sessions, based on the plans in the teachers Resource Pack.

Jigsaw is a film resource aimed at children aged 8-10, helping them to recognise the importance of online privacy and the need to be careful about what they share online. Learners will be introduced to grooming behaviours and the way offenders may seek to deceive children online.

The Thinkuknow Toolkit includes 15 activities designed for use with young people between the ages of 11–13 and 14 +. With clear practitioner guidance and engaging photocopy learning materials, each activity gets young people thinking and talking about key issues related to sex, relationships and the internet, delivers safety messages, and encourages them to return to the Thinkuknow website in their own time. All resources for the games and activities are included.

First to a million this film reinforces young people’s understanding of the possible consequences of online activity. Learners will be able to discuss respect for other people, the influence of peer pressure and competition, and how these can affect judgement.

Consequences This film (2010) reinforces the importance of keeping personal information and images private. Young people are shown why they should use privacy settings and are reminded that sex offenders can be young and attractive people.

Know your friends with Josh and Sue the film is aimed at young people aged 11-13 who have learning disabilities. The film is available in two versions, one for moderate learning disabilities and one for severe levels of need.


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