Mrs Arnold

Haddington Tennis Club are running free Tennis coaching during the  second week of Easter the break (9th – 13th Apr) for 5 – 16 year olds.

Spaces will are filling up fast and can be booked at:


 w/e 2nd March 2018

Hope you are all enjoying the snow days! Looking forward to stories of sledging and maybe even a little skiing(?). Limit that screen time and make the most of this wonderful weather!!
2018 started with the inter-school swimming competition, then the East and Mid Lothian Quaich Badminton competition. We represented East Lothian, along with Dunbar P,S, at the Lothian Borders Regional Finals at the Jack Kane Centre in Edinburgh where we came 6th! I love seeing so many of our young people taking part in both community and regional level competitions, their commitment and sportsmanship is outstanding!
PE is not just about competition, all of my classes have loved doing gymnastics at the start of term 3 where they demonstrated great creativity and their ability to work well with togehter. The P5’s were fantastic when they worked on introducing and using hoops in their sequences and developing their ability to  evaluate performances, Impressively P4B did a huge amount of gymnastics outside (photos to follow!).
Now P4 are studying the skills needed to successfully access Sportshall Athletics  and they will attend a cluster festival on the 22nd of March. P5’s are starting Clubgolf and we will celebrate our learning in a few weeks time when we will have the opportunity to play at Haddington Golf Course, thank you to all those adults who have offered their support Clubgolf over the next few weeks! P6 are setting personal fitness goals at the moment and P7 are continuing to develop their understanding of Invasion Games through Basketball!
Clubs are being well attended. Tuesday lunchtime is P6 hockey on the astro. Tuesday after school is P7 Basketball- we will be attending another PTS event in March, On Thursdays we are offering X-Country running to all year groups and we are lucky enough to have two mums supporting the P4’s! Friday morning at 8,10am is girls fitness. Please remember I am always happy to have new members to any of these clubs- the more the merrier! I am also keen to have any new suggestions.
Wishing the KMPS X-Country Team great success when they compete in the inter-schools in March!
Enjoy the snow!!Emoji
Mrs Arnold

Clubs- update…

P4/5 Racquet Club is now finished.

P6/7 Girls Fitness Club will resume on January the 26th, new members welcome.

Thursday Lunchtime Running club will resume on the 11th of January. The P4’s are invited to join us at the front of the school, with their running shoes, at the usual time of 12.10 pm.

NEW P6 Hockey some primary 6’s have requested that I supervise hockey on Tuesday lunchtimes. I will be out in the playground at 12.30pm to support this on a weekly basis from  Tuesday the 16th of January- P6’s welcome.


 Primary 5 Game Design

This term primary 5 have had fun playing a number of different target games. They very successfully used their knowledge and understanding of target games and their skills from co-operative learning to design their own games.

These games were played and adapted then shared with the class. The class voted on their favourite target game and everyone had the chance to play it!

A Huge Success…..

On Friday we had several mums, a grandmother and a big sister attending our final Girls Fitness session of 2017.

It was great to have you! Thank you so much for giving up your time and please remember you are always welcome!

Girl power

Bring a Mum, Aunty, big Sister or Grandma this Friday!!

The girls who attend Fridays Fitness club are inviting a female relative to join us for an 8.10 am start this Friday (the 8th).

Young children can sit at the side while we get fit.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Balloon Towers in Friday Club Problem Solving

Our challenge was to build the tallest balloon tower using ten balloons and a meter of masking tape.

We had 5 minutes planning time then we had had to build the tower in silence!!! As you can see from the photos two groups were very successful! Well done!

Balloon Towers Problem Solving Friday Clubs

Problem Solving Friday Club  – 24.11.207

This week’s challenge was to build a bridge of newspaper. The bridge had to be at least 30cm wide and hold the weight of a toy car.

This group deserved a gold star for group work and creativity! Shame the structure was not strong enough….. back to the drawing board for them!!

East Lothian Schools Sportshall Athletics – 22.11.2017

Another great result from our P7 team yesterday! Looking forward to the 21st of February next year when we compete in the Lothian and Borders Regional finals!!! Go King’s Meadow!!!

GIRLS’ FITNESS CLUB – 10.10.2017

I will be running a Fitness Club for all P6 / 7 girls.  This will commence on Friday 3 November from 8.10 – 8.40am and will be ongoing.

Letters will be issued after the October break, please return slip if your daughter would like to take part.


I will be running a Racquet Club in the school hall commencing 31 October – 12 December from 3.15 – 4pm.  Please return slip (issued to your child) if your child would like to take part.