P4A 2017/18


Today everyone in P4A has taken home a ‘Moon Diary’.

Over the next 35 days please can everyone do their best to observe and record the moon in the night sky.  Ideally this will be done at the same time every night.  If the weather gets in the way of your observations just draw clouds over the moon diagram for that day.

Please try and return the completed diary to school on Mon 23rd April.

Happy moon spotting!


Yesterday 2 members of 4A shared with the class a very exciting opportunity…

National Young Writers’ Awards

Children’s writing competition for ages 4 – 14

For the past nine years, Explore Learning has been inspiring children to write, from the young authors in the making to those a little more reluctant. This year we’re celebrating real life heroes, from firefighters and paramedics to teachers and parents. We’re inviting children to tell us a story, in 500 words or fewer, about a hero!

The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 29th April 2018.

For further information (including the fabulous prizes!) please visit-


Good luck to anyone who decides to enter – it would be fabulous to hear any pieces that are submitted!


In class we have been learning how to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks.  Please keep trying to do this at home!  The game below is really useful…



***Please note that the P4A Class Assembly will now take place on Friday 11th May 2018***


I hope everyone has been enjoying the snow days and using the time to be active outdoors!

Perhaps you want a break from all the snowballs and sledging?

You could reinforce your multiplication and division facts:


How about drawing images with line symmetry  – don’t forget to use a mirror to check you have been successful.  You could draw a snowman, design a woolly hat or sketch a snowflake with more than 1 line of symmetry.

If you want to challenge yourself further when warming up inside you could create a picture of your snow day scene and write down as many similes to describe it as you can.  Use your five senses to help you – what did it look, sound, feel, smell and taste like?

Remember a simile is when you compare something using like or as, e.g. as bright as a twinkly star.


Tell me about your day using the most interesting adverbs you can think of.

On the snow day I

Woke ……….

Ate ……….

Sledged ……….

Shivered ……….

Watched ………..

Played ……….

Laughed ……….

Read ………..

Rested ……….

Slept ……….

Please bring anything you create into school on Monday and I look forward to seeing them and you then – there will certainly be prizes for top quality work and effort 🙂

Stay warm and safe!

Mrs Muir


This week we are looking forward to the presentation of the reading challenge homework 🙂  This will take place on Wednesday or Thursday.  Today the children agreed their success criteria which they will use to assess the work of their peers.

Learning intention: we are learning to confidently share facts and information (white hat thinking).

Success criteria:

  • include original ideas – make your presentation different (green hat thinking)!
  • make eye contact and talk loudly, clearly, confidently and with expression.
  • include pictures.

If anyone would like to submit material by e mail the correct address is:


Best of luck everyone – practice makes progress!

Mrs Muir


Reading Homework Challenge.

P4A February 2018

P4A are being asked to present a small piece of research about an animal from a cold land.

How will you need to prepare?

  1. First choose your animal!
  2. Next,  find relevant information about your chosen animal under these 5 SUB HEADINGS -Family Life, Skills and Abilities, Fascinating Facts, Adaptation to the Cold and Food chain.
  3. Research your chosen animal: ask adults, look online and in books. Research will begin at school and continue at home.
  4. In your own words, write between 3 and 5 short facts about your animal under each sub heading.
  5. Decide how you will share the facts you have discovered?  You could pick a poster, power point, labelled drawing with notes or a small booklet.
  6. Once complete, practise sharing your information in front of someone at home.
  7. Be prepared to deliver your presentation to others on Wed 7th or Thurs 8th Feb 2018.

I am very much looking forward to seeing your presentations and hearing all about your researched animal.

Please ask if you need to borrow any paper, pencils or research books.

Mrs Muir


Merry Christmas from P4A!

We have had a very productive morning.  Creating Christmas cards and thank you cards!  Looking forwards to our party tomorrow 🙂



Please enjoy a brief snapshot of our wonderful visit to Edinburgh Castle on Tuesday 28th Nov. More photos to come!

P4A Edinburgh Castle on PhotoPeach