Our topic at the moment is Haddington – Our Community. We began by looking at maps and identifying where Haddington is in Scotland. For homework, the children were asked to write a postcard from their favourite place in Scotland. We received some super postcards for the class:

To 4A, I am having a great time in Bowmore – that is in Islay. I have played outside the Round Church. I went fishing on the harbour wall. I went to the dead dogs’ graveyard. The whole family went to the distillery and my dad bought some Bowmore whisky. It is so beautiful here. Love Ruaridh

Hi Everyone, I am in Lochgoilhead which is in Scotland. I am having a great time. It is very snowy and very cold. I am with my family in a big house and I am getting ready to go sledging and having a snowball fight which I am going to win! Ha ha! See you soon, Connor

To P4A, I am writing to you from the lovely Perth. It’s really nice here. Where I am it’s really mostly grassland. There’s this place down the road and it’s called Noah’s Ark- it’s really fun. I hope you enjoy reading this note. Having a brilliant time. Rhys J

Dear 4A, I am having a lovely time at Tantallon Castle. The sun is out and it’s great here. My favourite thing is the dungeon. It’s a pit dungeon. It’s all spooky and cold at the same time. The castle is massive and the ditch is massive too. It was filled with water. From Matthew

Dear class, My favourite place in Scotland is Edinburgh Zoo. The zebra was running after a rat! The monkeys were eating bananas in their enclosure. The BEST animal is the Black Rhino so I drew a picture on the front. Alex

In writing, we have been focussing on personal writing where the children have been working hard to use interesting words and include their feelings in order to interest and engage the reader. The children began by writing about a ‘Special Person’. The writing was excellent! Here are a few extracts from their work:

…Ruaridh is polite, fun and kind. He likes cats, he’s funny and he’s always very nice. Ruaridh has a great personality and he cares for the environment and our school. He’s my best friend. I love going to his house because we play fun games and we make our own pizzas. By Oscar

…My mum is special to me because she helps me get things over and done with. She takes care of me and she helps me do stuff. She is the best at cooking dinner and she loves playing games. She likes to have a lot of fun. My mum likes to help people. She makes me feel safe and she’s always there for me. She loves me, she helps me and I love her too. She makes me happy.  By Kirstin

…Isla has long brown soft hair. Isla also has glittering brown eyes and is medium in size…Isla is kind and helpful. She is funny, fun and polite. Isla also shares her sweets with me. Isla is generous, quiet and sensible.  Isla is special to me because she makes me smile and helps me when I fall over, Isla says please and thank you, plays with me and is fun. She says nice things about me.  By Emma

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