P4A have been enjoying our food education topic and have learnt all about food groups, eating a balanced diet and where our food comes from. They have particularly enjoyed our food preparation lessons where they have been able to make vegetable cous cous salad and smoothies.cropped photo  cropped photo 2

Our trip the Hirsel was fantastic! We got to make potato soup and oatcakes and learn about how foods are changed from farm to fork.

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Primary 4A have been very busy since the Christmas holidays. We have begun our new food Education topic and are enjoying learning about different foods, food groups and where our food comes from. We are looking forward to getting to prepare some foods and learning lots of new skills as we work through our topic. In Numeracy and Maths, we have begun looking at our knowledge of money. So far we have shared what we already know about money in the world around us, have sorted out different combinations of notes and coins and explored different counting and sorting strategies. We are now moving on to totalling money and working out change when we buy items. Miss Grantham has been very impressed at our knowledge of how money is used in the world around us.



Primary 4 have recently been investigating the Sun, Moon and Earth. We have enjoyed researching facts about these and discussing the role of the Sun and Moon and their effects on Earth. Last week we enjoyed carrying out an investigation in the playground where we wanted to find out how the sun’s light affects the Earth. We placed a stick outside in the sun and went outside at different times of day to measure and draw the shadow. We learnt that because the Earth spins on its axis around the sun the shadow changed at different times of the day. We also learnt that the size of the shadow changed because the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. At midday our shadow was longest because the sun was highest in the sky.

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We made some models of the Sun, Moon and Earth to show the difference in size between the Sun Moon and Earth and how they move. We know that the Earth orbits the Sun once a year and the moon orbits the Earth every 28 days.

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We have also been taking part in some practical activities to explain the effects the Earth, Sun and Moon have on day, night and the seasons. We learnt that that the part of the Earth facing the Sun is lit up causing daytime and the part of the Earth facing away from the sun is not lit up causing night time. We now know the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours. We know that because the Earth is tilted, the Hemisphere tilted towards the sun is Summer because the Sun’s rays hit that hemisphere more strongly and the Hemisphere that is tilted away, is Winter because the Sun’s rays take longer to reach it so lose some of their strength. In between Spring and Autumn occur.

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P4A have been working hard after the October holidays and have been learning lots about their new topic Religions around the World. We started looking at Hinduism and the festival of Diwali. We learnt that this celebration lasts 5 days and investigated how it began. We read the story of Rama and Sita and learnt that people made Diva lamps to guide Rama and Sita home. We had a go at making our own Diva lamps from salt dough and painted them in lots of lovely bright colours. We even created some Mehndi hand patterns after learning about some more special traditions. We have enjoyed completing our own research on the computers and acting out parts of religious stories in drama. We are now looking forward to investigating Sikhism.


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