P4B 2017/18

13 June 2018 – Fruit Kebabs!

As part of this term’s topic, we have been discussing healthy eating as part of keeping our bodies healthy.¬† Today we made fruit kebabs which we really en joyed – especially the eating part! Tomorrow we will write up our recipes ūüôā



Awesome Arctic Animals! – February 2018

The children recently gave their individual presentations on their chosen animal as part of our Adapting to the Cold topic.¬† Mrs Davidson and Mrs Esamal were very impressed at all the hard work the children had put into their research and making their presentations.¬† They were all able to stand up and give their presentations confidently, in front of their whole class, which is a very useful skill that they may need when they are older. ¬† Here are photos of each of the children with their Excellence Award – well deserved to every single one!¬† Keep up the hard work P4B ūüôā




French – Jan/Feb 2018

As part of our learning in French we have been using songs to help us to remember. We have enjoyed singing Рand performing! РHeads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French (Tête, épaules, genoux, pieds) to help us to remember how to say parts of the body in French.

We also sang the birthday song in French to help us to remember the months of the year in French:



Terrific Topic Timelines! w/b 20.11.2017

This week the children presented their timelines that they had made about their chosen famous person.  Our class topic this term had us learning about Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela, and as October was Black History Month, this led to the idea of each cooperative learning group researching their own famous black person, creating a timeline, and presenting it to the class.  The children worked really well in their groups and the results were very impressive!

Topic Timeline Presentations on PhotoPeach



Super français cette semaine!  w/b 6.11.2017

This week in French we were learning to talk about ourselves! We could say our favourite colour and favourite animal in French, as well as discuss our name, age and where we live.

The children are really embracing Accelerated Reader – our Class Word Count has gone up from 382,072 at the end of September to 1,597,707 as of today! Regular reading – in Primary 4 children should be reading at least 20 minutes a day – really helps with comprehension, spelling and¬†story writing, so it is great to see the children’s enthusiasm for Accelerated Reader. Keep it up 4B! ūüôā

Spooky Times in P4B!  w/b 30.10.2017

Halloween Home Learning Spelling on PhotoPeach

P4B have had a super week this week, with some fun learning linked to¬†Halloween, such as¬†a piece of Pointillism art with a Halloween theme, an imaginitive story¬†about Halloween, and even scary monsters appearing in spelling home learning! And we’ve still to have the Halloween disco which is next week.