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You will find the most recent homework assignments by clicking on the underlined link. Thank you.

Summer homework programme

Week Beginning 10.5.16

This week we hosted an education student from the University of Wisconsin, Miss Melanie Lorentz.  She helped throughout the week, especially during our Hygiene Festival which is featured in our slideshow below…

Week Beginning 2.5.16

9 weeks of primary 4 to go….it seems only a  heart beat of time since our transition day  in June 2015!!

Yet- so much has happened since then and –  so much still planned for an action packed, fun filled Summer term.  Let’s upkeep our respect for the Golden Rules and value the opportunities we are given…

P4C  – you are AWESOME!!!


Week Beginning 25.4.16

Only mad dogs (mine especially) and ducks are happy to out in this weather folks – please come to school with adequate waterproof gear to protect yourself from the hail and snow storms.   Many Thanks.



Week Beginning 11.4.16

Welcome back to school to one and all.

In the pic below  – we’re all listening carefully to what’s in store for us this term at our recent area meeting.

IMG_3661    attention

Week Beginning 4.4.16

Still thinking about you all throughout the holidays as I write your reports.  Hope you are all having a lovely break!



Week Beginning 28.03.16

Thank you so much for the very positive comments we received following last week’s parents’ evening.  The children had a great time showing their work to you and it is lovely to see them so full of pride in what they do!  Have a CRACKING Easter holidays everyone!


Week Beginning 21.03.16

There are some fantastic preparations going on for this week’s Pupil Led Parents’ evening, Please visit us and try a wee bit Long-house making at our pottery table, maybe try your hand at making a maze at our ICT Scratch programming area or test your mental agility with our wee red box!


D Guy

Week Beginning 14.03.16

We are having a fantastic time learning all about Vikings.  The quality and quantity of homework steadily pouring in is truly fantastic.  Thank you for all of your hard work!


D Guy

Week Beginning 07.03.16

Teachers are busy this week -out of school hours – planning all the fantastic activities we will have ready for our classes after the Easter break.


D Guy

Week Beginning 29.02.16

Week Beginning 25.01.16 

Thank you to all parents who braved the gales this week to come out and visit me during parents’ consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was lovely to see you all and get a wee catch up on how your charges are shaping up and just how much of a credit they are to you.

This week welcome Miss N Handley to our class.  She is visiting from Moray House and will be teaching with us for the next three weeks.  One of the highlights pinpointed at our area meeting this morning was the science experiment we conducted investigating the rate of ice melting under a variety of conditions.  Here are a few photos of our efforts.

IMG_3110[1] IMG_3107[1] IMG_3109[1] IMG_3105[1]

During the inclement weather this week our class had a great time with indoor activities.  Freya, along with our fantastic, helpful and smiley P7 prefects, Louisa and Katherine, made a rose with play dough…very pretty!



Week Beginning 18.01.16 

Reading homework requires an information book this week, so each child has been provided with one from the school’s research library.  These books are on loan until Friday when the homework is due to be returned.

The quality of the spelling homework handed in this week was first class.  A real pleasure to mark – thank you!!  Our spelling sound is oi and oy this week.  In school we decorated spelling rainbows to help us learn the spelling patterns.  Groups have been allowed to choose the active task they wish to complete for homework – ranging from word searches, poems and fancy lettering.

OH MY _ WHO SPOTTED MY DELIBERATE MISTAKE!  Apologies for no maths homework going out tonight (19.1.16)  It will be ready tomorrow and an extension given til Monday for hand in – that should make up for my oversight!

D Guy

Week Beginning 11.01.16

We are learning our 4 times table this week.  There are some magic activities on Mathletics – including some upbeat tunes – to help us in our quest to be 4 times table smart.  Good Luck everyone!

We are learning “Always Look on the Bright side of Life” in assembly at the moment.  What funny stories can you bring in to school to help us smile on these dark mornings?   I look forward to hearing some tall tales this week :o)

D Guy

Week Beginning 05.01.16

Happy New Year to everyone.

New timetables will be glued into diaries in due course.  P.E times remain a Monday and a Wednesday.  Please provide a warm change of clothing to prepare for outdoor activities.  We change specialists -from music to art this term. P4 Handy Hint:  Mr Connel loves to see the drawings, paintings and art activities you complete at home – and he is very generous with house points when you share your successes.

Week Beginning 14.12.15

Our Christmas party is this Wednesday at 1pm.  Please remember to bring in a letter if you plan to go home to have m=lunch at get changed on the day,  many thanks.

Striking a pose in our party wear…let’s  go party!!

DSC00308 DSC00310

All that remains is to say a very Merry Christmas to I hope  you all have a  happy and healthy Hogmanay, see you in 2016!

D Guy :o)

Week Beginning 7.12.15

We had our Christmas lunch in school on Tuesday 8th.  Festive music, jumpers and scrumptious food made the whole event a massive success.  Well done and thank you to all the primary 7’s who served the food so swiftly and with festive smiles.  P4  had a ball!

DSC00291 DSC00292 DSC00296 DSC00299 DSC00300 DSC00302 DSC00304 DSC00306

D Guy :o)

Week Beginning 30.11.15

We are involved in a badminton festival on Tuesday 8th of December at the Corn Exchange.  Please could 4C come to school in appropriate clothing for the festival and bring a water bottle.  If you, as a parent or carer of a child in P4C, are available to accompany us to the festival please could you write a note in your child’s diary.  Many thanks in advance.


D Guy

Week Beginning 23.11.15

We had a great time at the Two Steve’s author event run by Scottish Book Trust today at the Corn Exchange.  We joined St Mary’s and Compass to listen to stories with a choice.  We were allowed to decide the direction of the story and only took the wrong path once!  Well done to everyone who was plucked from the large audience to participate in a superhero based game show on stage with the authors…including Mrs Higgins and Mr Smith!  Great Fun had by all…..

Week Beginning 2.11.15

So sorry Folks!  I requested help for BADMINTON on Monday when our actual day for visiting the Corn Exchange is Tuesday!!!  Hope we can see a few parents come along and support your child’s introduction to the sport.  The time remains the same…9:15 – 10:15, many thanks.

The view from our window has changed a great deal this week. (a couple of photos to illustrate below)   Please remember warm clothes for outdoor P.E and a coat for break times!

DSC00255 DSC00262

We have been completing our end of topic tests on addition and subtraction this week, we will complete a pre test on Money early on next week.


Our art work mirroring the techniques of Picasso have brightened up our corridor….


We are very proud of the posters we made about the Queen after our research time….

DSC00260 DSC00259 DSC00258 

Have a happy weekend,

D Guy


Week Beginning 26.10.15

We had an absolutely fantastic time at the Primary 4 Hallowe’en disco on Tuesday night.  Thank you so much to all members of the P.T.A for their hard work and dedication – you created a super atmosphere and your time is very much appreciated.  Thank you too to all the parents of our super P4 pupils who went to so much effort with costume, face paint and props. Many of our pupils were unrecognizable which made for good fun!

Congratulations to Cameron (4B) and Ruby (4A), who won best dancers of the night after spooktacular competition.

Congratulations to  A.J (4C) and Ava (4B) who won best dressed for their scary efforts!

Here’s a short slideshow capturing just some of our spooky spectacular….



Week Beginning 5.10.15

Due to the bad weather our rugby was cancelled on Tuesday morning.  We are hoping that the weather is kinder to us tomorrow so please bring your kit just in case!  Many thanks


Week Beginning 14.9.15

This is a short week for us as we approach the September weekend.  We have a great deal to achieve before we pause.  We start  our Christmas card design for this year’s school fundraiser. We have personal writing to complete and end of topic tests in numeracy.

Our maths homework takes a different approach from previous  weeks.  Each child has been given a user name and password for www.mathletics.co.uk which you will find stuck into the back of their homework journals….please

  • Sign in
  • Have some fun while you make your own avatar
  • click on RAINFOREST MATHS from the menu on your right
  • Click on level B/C
  • Choose activities from the tasks entitled place value and ordering numbers
  • Spend approximately 15 – 20 minutes on the task(s)


As of yet (Tues 15th) there has been no response for help accompanying us to Neilson Park for our rugby specialist sessions.  It is essential that we have extra personnel on hand when we are outwith the school grounds.  Please – if you can spare the hour – 1:15 – 2:15 on Thursday afternoon we would appreciate your time greatly – just pop a note in your child’s diary and ask them to show me in the morning. Many Thanks :o)

 D Guy and P4C

Week Beginning 7.9.15

Reading books are being handed out to our book clubs this week, remember to read a little with a grown up at home as well as completing the associated Reading Detective task!  Happy Reading Everyone!


D Guy and P4C

Week beginning 31.8.15

Congratulations to Megan and Matthew, who have been the first house-point winners of the year.

Thank you to Charlie S – the home made mandala you brought in for our Special Places display is fantastic!

Our superhero cartoons are starting to take shape.  Our work on place value and the knowledge of digits and their written equivalent is coming on fabulously.

Freya and Heather added interest and excitement to our show and tell time on Friday morning with their excellent contributions.

Another hard working week – Thank you P4C :o)

DSC00243 DSC00238 DSC00237 DSC00242 DSC00241 DSC00240    !

D Guy and P4C

Week Beginning 24.8.15

We have a packed week lined up.

Everyone looked their best  for the school photographs.  Homework journals were handed out , including a full timetable of our weekly activities.  Here are a few images of our first week in P4C….


D Guy and P4C

Week Beginning 17.8.15

Welcome to P4C’s blog page.

We do hope that you will take some time to visit this part of King’s Meadow’s website regularly to catch up on our learning, adventures and progress.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with you in words and pictures.  Let the fun begin! :o)

D Guy and P4C

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  1. Conor – you have made my day, my week, maybe even my year! I am glad you like the video – I’ll teach you how to make them and you can help me with the next one! :o)

  2. So sorry can’t help with Rugby as I work on Thursdays. Hope you get some help offered soon.
    Fun and useful to find these pages – thanks!
    Sue L

  3. Loved looking back at all the photos. Great memories made by a great teacher.

  4. P4C! Hello from Minnesota,
    I hope you all are having an amazing rest of the school year! I did make it home back to America safe and sound. I wanted to write you all sooner, but I have been very busy getting back to my daily routine, going camping/fishing, and watching my sister’s soccer games. I loved working with all of you so much that I recently got a job working with students around your age and love it. I also shared my fudge you gave me with my family and they thought it was very delicious and say thank you!
    Have fun and learn lots,

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