John Muir Award

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08.06.15 John Muir Award

P5 have been working towards our John Muir Award and to achieve this we have had to:

  • Complete litter picking in the woodland
  • Plant seeds and regularly water them
  • Visited John Muir Birth Place and learned about his life
  • Went with Jen the Ranger to the woodland, made bread and listened to stories
  • Went on a bug hunt in the woodland –  it was fun
  • Made litter bugs using recycled materials

Oscar and Ruaraidh 🙂

08.06.15 John Muir Award

In P5 we have been working towards our John Muir Award. We have been doing lots of things in school. Here are some of the things we have been working on.

Litter Picking – In school we have had a visit from our Countryside Ranger  Jen. She took us into the woodland and we did lots of litter picking. We baked bread on a stick and listened to parts of a story that Jen had brought in. It was very interesting.

Planting – In class we made plant pots out of newspaper. In the paper pots we planted seeds including sun flowers and cornflowers, these are to attract butterflies. They are already starting to grow.

Litter Bugs – Out of class we made letter bugs using recycled materials including plastic bottles. We also used pipe cleaners, pompoms and googly eyes.

Birth Place – The P5s went to John Muir’s Birth Place in Dunbar. It was amazing! We were given our own tasks where we had to find out lots of information. We also played games, watched a video, took photos and shared what we knew about John Muir.

We have nearly finished our award and are glad that we could share what we have done with you.

Amber, Rhiannon and Sam 🙂

23.05.15 Museum of Flight Tri

We had a fantastic visit to the Museum of Flight yesterday which was made even more special by the wonderful weather.



23.03.15 P5 John Muir Bush Craft

The P5 children from 4/5 and 5/6 are working hard on their John Muir Award and are currently working with our local ranger to complete a variety of bush craft activities. Thank you to Oscar’s mum for coming along to help us. We are looking forward to our second session on Wed 25th March 1.00-3.00pm. Don’t forget to bring your outdoor clothing!

23.03.15 Drama Workshop

We really enjoyed our Ancient Greece drama workshop. We listened to and retold stories, created freeze frames and then brought them to life. Our videos will be available for you to watch next week at the child led parent consultations.

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 Spelling homework 23.03.15


Active Spelling Task – Children’s choice

Group 1 – ourselves yourself yourselves handkerchief myself dwarf hoof chief

Group 2 – scarves thieves cliffs cuffs puffs fifth twelve twelfth

Group 3 – loaf leaf half calf wolf shelf wife knife

Red Nose Day 09.03.15

On Friday 13th March for a small donation you can come to school with your face painted and/or wear your hair in a weird and wonderful way. We will be holding a school Danceathon from 9:00 – 9:30 am.

Spelling 09.03.15

Task 1 – LSCWC

Task 2 – A choice of sentences, bubble writing or other hand

Group 1 – rotate imitate hesitate investigate celebrate concentrate certificate demonstrate

Group 2 – craters operate fortunately separate decorate chocolate statement climate

Group 3 – date hate skate lately plates pirate private estate

Class Assembly

Below are a few pictures from our class assembly. Thank you to all who came to watch our performance.

Mrs R 🙂

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Task 1 – LSCWC

Task 2 – Choose a spelling task to complete.

Group 1 – terrific energetic gigantic Arctic Atlantic Mathematics gymnastics supersonic

Group 2 – attic tunic clinic tragic metric elastic fantastic panic

Group 3 – comic magic music picnic traffic

27.01.15 P5/6 Class Assembly

Parents/Carers are invited to attend our class assembly on Friday 13th February from 9.00am until 9.30am. This will be in the school hall and is an opportunity to see what we have been doing in class.

Mrs R and P5/6 🙂

27.01.15 Reading Homework for Tue 3rd Feb

King Minos is furious that Daedalus and Icarus have escaped from the island of Crete. Make a wanted poster to offer a reward for them and explain why they must be found.

Mrs R 🙂

26.01.15 Scots Poetry

Today we recited our Scots poems to the rest of the class. Most had mad a super effort to recite their poem without the words. The class were able to give wonderful feedback on eye contact, clarity, volume, pronunciation, posture and actions. Our winners will be asked to recite their poems at our Scots afternoon where we will also be singing some favourite Scottish songs. Well done P5/6!

Mrs R 🙂

26.01.15 Spelling Homework

Task 1 – LSCWC

Task 2 – Write 5 sentences.

Group 1 – carriage marriage average language postage wreckage shortage advantage

Group 2 – damage cabbage luggage courage bandage voyage image teenage

Group 3 – pages wages stage manage

13.01.15 Reading Homework for 27th Jan

Learning Intention – Can use non fiction reference books and the media in order to find out and record information about spiders.

Arachne was turned into a spider by the goddess Athene.     Use non-fiction reference books and the internet to find out some important information about spiders.     You can record this in any form that you want – you may use bullet points, make a poster, make your own non-fiction book or write a report. You decide.

Be prepared to give a short talk to the class about what you have learnt about spiders.

12.01.15 Spelling Homework

Task 1 – LSCWC

Task 2 – Bubble writing

Group 1 – Olympics Parthenon Ancient Archimedes Archaeologist Pythagoras Pankration (type of wrestling) Architecture

Group 2 – Marathon Olympics Ancient Legend Hercules Acropolis Athena Wrestling

Group 3 – Greece Gods Athens Sparta Troy Hero




06.01.15 – Dynamic Earth Trip (7th and 8th January)

Over the next two days we will be going to Dynamic Earth to take part an a number of workshops and have a tour. Can I please ask everyone to remember to bring a packed lunch on the day you are going on the trip as you will be away all day and back in time for 3.15.

Mrs R 🙂

15.12.14 – Christmas

Thank you to all who came to the Christmas event on Friday. The children really enjoyed making and selling their Christmas crafts and performing our songs.

A special thank you to Daniel’s mum to helped us on the stall and for providing the pictures below.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

Mrs R 🙂

stall2 stall


Remember to wear your Christmas jumper and bring a small donation on Friday. If your don’t have a Christmas jumper just decorate your school jumper.

Mrs R:)

08.12.14 Spelling Homework

Revise all words covered so far this year. Will be testing on a mixture of words from each rule.

Mrs R 🙂


Oscar made this super cake as part of his earth and space homework.


02.12.14 P5

On Monday 8th December the P5 children will be taking part in a John Muir Drama Workshop with the P5 children from the P4/5 class. We have already started to research John Muir’s life and are looking forward to finding out more.

Mrs R 🙂

02.12.14 Spelling Homework

Task 1 – LSCWC

Task 2 – Pyramid words

Group 1 – truth health wealth length strength theatre thread throne

Group 2 – another clothes rather smooth without feather leather weather

Group 3 – cloth thick thank tooth teeth

25.11.14 Mathletics

Mathletics homework – patterns due for Friday 28th.

Mrs R 🙂

25.11.14 Spelling Homework

Task 1 – LSCWC

Task 2 – Colourful words

Group 1 – trophy triumph microphone atmosphere gnat gnarled reign foreign

Group 2 – signs design gnome gnaw telegraph autograph pheasant physics

Group 3 – signs design gnome gnaw graph

Mrs R 🙂


In Art with Mr Connel we have been making planets. We drew the planets and will be adding water to give it an effect. We will also be making a space ship or rocket to fly towards the planet.


19.11.14 Spelling Homework

Task 1 – LSCWC 2x

Task 2 – Alphabetical order

Group 1 -sentry recent violent intelligent garments adventure convenient detergent

Group 2 – absent content accident sentence prevent events urgent invention

Group 3 – Any words that need to be revisited from last week plus spent silent parent present dentist

Mrs R

12.11.14 Children In Need

This Friday we would like to encourage all pupils to come to school dressed as a superhero. This can be your favourite superhero or a made up one. Please bring a £1 donation which will be given to Children In Need.

Thank you for your support

Mrs R 🙂

11.11.14 Topic Work

We have been learning about the distance of each planet in our solar system from the sun.

Mrs R 🙂



11.11.14 Space Homework

Some super examples of our Earth and Space topic homework.

Mrs R 🙂


10.11.14 Spelling Homework


Other Hand – write your words with your other hand

Group 1- gadget budget budgerigar judgement cartridge dredger knowledge dislodge

Group 2- smudge judge grudge hedgehog sledging dodging lodging porridge

Group 3- edge hedge wedge sledge badge bridge dodge ridge

06.11.14 French

We had great fun today learning the numbers 1-10 in French and playing a matching game. Our top scorer was Jay with 14 seconds! The link is below.

Mrs R 🙂


04.11.14 Book Fair

The book fair will be in school from 10th – 14th November. Our class will be viewing the books between 9.55 and 10.25 on Monday 10th and buying books on Thursday 14th between 11.40 and 12.10.

Mrs R 🙂

04.11.14 Mathletics Homework

Mathletics homework has been given out today and is due for Friday 7th November. Each child should have two games allocated when they log into Mathletics. If you fancy playing any other information handling games click on the link below.


Mrs R 🙂

04.11.14 Spelling words

Our spelling words for this week are focusing on the pattern rr.

Group 1 – correct corridor error errand horrible turret surrendered occurring

Group 2 – carrots carrying carrier-bag arrest terrier surround worry hurried

Group 3 – lorry sorry ferry cherry barrel arrive

Mrs R 🙂

03.11.14 Homework

This term our topic is Earth and Space. Below you will see a list of possible homework activities. You need to choose 3 to complete.

Task 1 is due on Friday 7th November.

Task 2 is due on Friday 21st November

Task 3 is due on Friday 5th December.

* Choose any planet and make an interesting fact file about it.

* Make a model of the solar system.

* Write an imaginative story about a trip to space. Make sure to present it in an interesting way.

* Design an astronaut kit bag. Tell me what you would have in it and why.

* Make a timeline of important events/missions in space travel.

I am really looking forward to seeing what tasks you choose to complete.

Mrs R 🙂


P5 will be joining the rest of their year group to take part in a Halloween story session tomorrow afternoon. I hope you have a spooky time!

Mrs R 🙂 


P6 will be taking part in a hockey tournament tomorrow afternoon. Please remember to bring in a t-shirt in your team colour. Good luck to all of the teams.

Mrs R 🙂


We received this letter from the Doctor on Monday and are working hard to research the planets in groups.

Dear p5/6,

I hear that you have started to learn about Earth and Space and wondered if you might help me. I am struggling to decide which planet in your solar system to visit next in my journey through space and time.

I would be grateful if you could research and take notes on each planet and present me with relevant and interesting information that you think might help me to make up my mind. I would be interested in knowing the size, gravity and position of each planet, distance from the sun, how many moons and their names, temperature, atmosphere, when it was discovered and any unusual features. You might like to use NASA, nine planets and planets for kids web pages to help you with your research.

Please present your research in an information poster with coloured pictures and helpful details. I am looking forward to coming to visit you in my TARDIS and looking at the research you have done.

Keep an eye out for the Daleks

The Doctor


As part of our Scottish Parliament topic we have been running election campaigns. Yesterday was a very exciting day, each candidate gave a speech and answered questions from the rest of the class. We then had a secret vote to choose our representative for the School Parliament. I am pleased to announce that Amber was chosen to be our representative and Daniel will be our depute. I would like to thank each candidate and their parties for all of their hard work throughout this term.

Mrs R 🙂   


First Club Golf

First of all, a huge thank you to all of the P5 parents who have given up their time to support our class during their PE lessons.

As part of the First Club Golf programme, Kate Green, the Golf Development Officer, comes into school to deliver a game session with the children. For this we need one adult for each hole on the course or we can’t run it. If you are available on Thursday 9th October 11:00-12:15 to support us could you please let Mrs Roche know?

Many thanks P5/6


In P.E. we are playing hockey. It is really fun learning how to hold the stick and to pass and shoot. We also play little games where you have to communicate with each other. We are having a great time doing this topic.



In class we have started to learn French. We have been learning the months of the year and how to say what month our birthday is in (mon anniversaire est en fevrier). We have also learned our classroom instructions in French and played Simon Says to see if we could follow them.


Today we went to Neilson Park to play rugby. We played passing games and touch rugby. It was really fun.

Calum and Matthew

Over the first couple of weeks we have been working up to celebrating Roald Dahl Day. On Thursday 11th September we are all going to dress up as Roald Dahl characters and have a fun afternoon. We have also been creating an imaginative piece of writing based on The Magic Finger. We are going to write good copies and put them on the wall.

Kathryn and Olivia

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  1. I am really glad that you enjoyed the hockey tournament Louisa! Everyone played extremely well. Thank you all for taking part and being good sports. 🙂

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed writing the spooky stories Oscar. I am enjoying marking them at the moment and looking at the super peer feedback you have given each other. Well done!

  3. Sophia and Olivia, I am glad that you are enjoying making the planet posters. I am looking forward to hearing the presentation of each poster
    Mrs R 🙂

  4. Rachel, Chloe and Brooke, I am glad that you are enjoying the lessons that we are doing in class. I am really enjoying making the Dr Xargles books.
    Mrs R 🙂

  5. I am really enjoying the doctor zargles books. Louisa, Paul and I have a little surprise on the thank you page

  6. I love doing dr xargels books. I hope I am there for the Christmas crafts on Thursday but I am off with cold. I haved tryed to make paper Christmas tree but didnt work .PS.Thank you Mrs Roche for putting the spelling words on the website I have done my spelling home work

  7. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and loved the toys Santa brought us and enjoyed the Christmas holidays love Rhiannon

  8. Hey everyone hope you got a good score on ar and maths test .ps. Hope Mrs Roche is ok with the sore throat

  9. We had a Scots afternoon. Mrs philp kindly bought us some haggis and shortbread. 3 people from every class recited a Scots poem and well done to all of them! Thank you very much Mrs Roche, Mrs Philp and Miss Murray for the amazing Scots celebration!!!!!!!

  10. Mrs Philp, Miss Murray and I are glad that you enjoyed the Scots afternoon Louisa. Daniel, Oscar and Amber read their poems beautifully! I am sure that our class assembly will be great, we still have two weeks to rehearse.
    Mrs R 🙂

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