End Of Term Fun!

5A have had an amazing end of term week so far. Yesterday we were lucky enough to be part of a very special performance with The Red Hot Chilli Pipers and today we spent the day at Stirling Castle! Here are some photos of us having fun:

image image image image image image

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Blast Off!!!

5A were super excited to watch the live rocket launch this morning when Tim Peake set off on his space mission. We’ll all be keeping an eye on the news tonight to see if he makes it to the International Space Station!


Roald Dahl Day 2015

Thank you so much to all of the children who dressed up and to the parents who helped with the outfits, they were absolutely brilliant.  We all had a great day celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday.

Roald Dahl Day 2015


5A have been working hard learning the skills they will need to complete an orienteering course in the school grounds.  Here are some photographs of the different activities we have been taking part in.

Table Top Maps: Miss Smith placed objects on a table and we had to draw the map we would need to navigate our way around the table.


DSC00317 DSC00320 DSC00319 DSC00318

Giving and Following Directions: We went out into the playground and using directional language, directed our friends round a range of shapes drawn on the ground.

DSC00321 DSC00326 DSC00325 DSC00324

Cone Orienteering: Before we tackle the whole playground we had great fun completing these cone orienteering courses.  We started doing one course at a time, making sure we set the map and used our thumbs to keep track of where we were.  Once we had the hang of it Miss Smith put numbers on the cones and we had to add them up as we went.  Finally we made up courses for other pairs to complete.  By the end of it we were pros at completing cone courses!

IMG_2316 IMG_2317  IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2322 IMG_2318 IMG_2315

Netball Numbers: This is like extreme cone orienteering.  All of the cones are red and spread out across the netball court in a random pattern.  Miss Smith thought this might get us but we are so good we completed all of the courses and even had time for a little bit of a competition at the end of the lesson.

IMG_2385 IMG_2386 IMG_2387 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2390



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