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w/e 16th March 2018

Fish Release on PhotoPeach

w/e 2nd March 2018

No doubt the children will be disappointed that the snow has brought disruption to our planned assembly tomorrow (or possibly they are too busy sledging down the nearest hill to have given it a thought?).  I will let you know the revised date as soon as possible.  They have come up with a really good format and had been busy working on their scripts, slide shows, artwork and drama so I know that a little extra practice will guarantee you a great assembly.

As part of our new Fair Trade project the children will be learning how to safely prepare and cook food and we would like to see this culminate into a Fair Trade breakfast.  We will send out details soon of the planned date where you will be invited into school to buy a Fair Trade breakfast prepared by the children.  This will also help the children demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of money which we are currently studying in Maths and Numeracy.  You will also be invited to spend a little time with us that morning so that the children can showcase what they have learned about Fair Trade and share their work.  Again, I will advise you of the date as soon as possible.

Shortly we will be releasing our Trout into the River Tyne with the help of Forth Fisheries and the Countryside Ranger.  The children have done incredibly well taking responsibility for raising the Trout from eggs and they are now at the Aleavin stage.  As part of the conservation element of the class’s John Muir Award we have also been talking to various organisations and Council representatives about plastic recycling and its impact on the River and wider environment.

Remember if your child has got bored of the snow there are lots of useful websites like the ones listed below that they can be using to keep their brains active.  They can also log on to their Google Account and visit our Google Classroom to see if they have any unfinished work – they could finish this as a nice surprise for me?






w/e 24th February

Fresh from their February break the class have launched into their new topic – Fair Trade – by sharing what they already know and what they would like to know. Below are some of the childrens’ prior knowledge and their questions.
Fair Trade KWL on PhotoPeach

Our Fish Eggs Have Arrived – 22.01.18 on PhotoPeach

John Muir Dance Workshop 22.01.18 on PhotoPeach
w/c 15th January 2018

The class have hit the ground running since coming back after the holidays.  We have launched into our new topic and I have attached a slide show showing some of our New Year resolutions, our William Wallace wanted posters and our attempts at recreating models of a medieval Stirling Bridge. We have also taken delivery of our fish tank and our trout eggs will be arriving on Monday 22nd. We can’t wait.

w/c 15th January 2018 on PhotoPeach

w/c 18th December

I would just like to to take this opportunity to wish all of my children,  carers and families a happy Christmas and New year.  It has been a very busy year so far.  Lots of teaching and and hopefully lots of learning.  Have a happy and peaceful holiday.  Mrs Walker.

w/c 4th December

Another busy week.  We have been working hard mastering division in maths and numeracy groups and we are making great progress.  Our River model is nearly finished.  We have used most of the contents of my kitchen cupboard to add texture and depth to the model.  We mixed rock salt, paint and glue to create the river and sea.  We mixed marrowfat peas, glue and paint to create rocks.  We now just have to add the beaches which are to be made out of ruskoline bread crumb and add the labels and then we are finished.  All the children have had an input into the model and seem to have really enjoyed building it up and learning in context about the course of a river.  This week we learned a Viking Creation Story and have now compared all the different stories that we have been learning about.  The children found a great deal of similarities and differences through cooperative learning and using their Higher Order Thinking Skills.  Our Dr Xargle books now just need binding and the class can’t wait to share these with you at the next parent consultation.

w/c 4th December on PhotoPeach

w/c 27th November

I have created a number of slides shows to display the great work the class have been doing over the last couple of weeks.  We have been practising different strategies for dividing in maths and numeracy groups.  We have been learning lots more about John Muir through research and drama.  We have learned two Creation Stories, one from North America and the other from the Hindu religion.  We have started making our Mod Roc model of the course of a river from Source to Mouth and my favourite – the class have been teaching each other about the different parts of the water cycle.  Also some amazing Dr Xargle books are finished!

Division – John Muir – Ticket out the Door on PhotoPeach

Earth on Turtle’s Back – John Muir Drama – Mod Roc on PhotoPeach
Teaching the Class – Hindu Creation Story on PhotoPeach


w/c 6th November

w/c 6th November on PhotoPeach

We have had a super busy week. The children have thrown themselves in to writing their Dr Xargles writing project. The class are using the theme of the Dr Xargle books and coming up with their own version of the book. We’ve had some very creative ideas, Earth Metal Birds (airplanes), Earth Jails (School), Earth Mr Ho Ho Ho (Santa), Earth’s Everything (the Internet) to name but a few. They are now starting to illustrate and write their books based on the planning sheets that they have completed.

We have seen results in our evaporation experiments and the class have been able to work out why the water in the biggest shallowest dish evaporated quickest. We are in the process of writing up our results.

As part of our John Muir Award we have been mapping the course of the River Tyne through the County and finding out facts about the river. We are also very lucky to have secured some sponsorship from the Friends of the River Tyne to support our Grow Fish in the Classroom project. A big thank you to them.

Our spelling has been silent letters this week. Not so silent during our active spelling however!

w/c 30th October

w/c 30th October on PhotoPeach

The class have achieved so much this week in their water cycle topic. We have learned all the major parts of the water cycle through lots of different activities and experiments. This week we have set up an evaporation experiment on the window sill and we are continuing to monitor our Water Cycle in a Bag experiments that we have taped to the window. We are seeing lots of condensation (clouds) and the water is beginning to collect in the corner of the bag (precipitation) outside the cup. The water in the cup was dyed blue but the water collecting in the bag is clear – everybody is still trying to get their head round how that has happened.

We have started our John Muir Award in earnest this week. Unfortunately our drama workshop was cancelled but hopefully it will be rescheduled very soon. We have been finding out major dates in John Muir’s life at the moment.

We had our first tag rugby session with the Rugby Development Officer this week. Everybody seemed to enjoy this and we have another 3 sessions over the coming weeks – outside PE kits essential for Thursdays.

w/c 23rd October

w/c 23rd October on PhotoPeach

The children have come back refreshed and ready for some hard work. We have already launched into our new topic – The Water Cycle. We have shared what we already know and what we would like to know. Lots of interesting questions have already arisen and we have set up our first experiment to let us see the water cycle in action in the classroom. We have also been sharing what we know about John Muir and discussing the different ways that we would like to learn about him and the scope of our John Muir Award. On Monday 30th October we will have a visiting drama specialist who will run a workshop for us to learn more about the early life of John Muir.

We have our new maths groups and we are currently learning about multiplication. Children should be practising their times tables on a weekly basis for homework.

Next week we will also have our first rugby taster session on Thursday with one of the Sports Development Officers. Your child should bring an outdoor PE kit on Thursday.

w/c 2nd October

w/c 2nd October on PhotoPeach

We have had lots of fun this week creating a balloon rocket, next week we are going to be more adventurous and see how high we can launch a cork rocket in the playground.  This week we have also been learning how to use apostrophes in grammar and how to create questions during our listening and talking lesson.  During our cooperative learning the children are beginning to assess their own performance very well and we have been using our classroom twitter platform to do this.  New this week has been our “Ticket Out The Door”, the children can’t leave the classroom until they have shared something that they have learned.  Thankfully everyone managed to leave the classroom.


w/c 25th September


w/c 11th September

Lots of learning again this week in class. The children have worked very hard on their Solar System fact files and I have attached a few photos for you to view. This week we watched the moon landing in 1969 and we will soon be writing a Newspaper Article about it. Enjoy your September weekend everybody.

Another busy week in P5A. We have had a great week with lots of positive referrals and notes home for all the hard work and effort the class and individuals have been putting in. Everybody has worked hard with their Acrostic Poetry and we have some really nice pieces of work being produced. Everybody has had a growth mind-set about it and some children have had to really did deep to persevere but I can confidently say that they have all managed.

We have enjoyed finishing our planets this week. We are now trying to work out how to display them to show the relevant distances between planets and their sizes. A problem for us all to solve. We are now moving onto our individual research on the planets and different aspects of our solar system and space. We are looking at producing a bumper sized fact file for other classes to look at and we will be playing the expert and cooperatively teaching our class peers about the things that we have learned.

The class produced some amazing interesting sentences in grammar. They are really getting the hang of how an adjective or an adverb makes writing much more exciting and interesting. Our reading workshops went well this week and everybody should be producing a picture of their favourite character and labelling it with aspects of their personality and appearance.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of our learning.

Primary 5A are settling back into school life and are already working hard on their first topic and other curricular areas. Our first topic, the solar system, has already captured the imagination of the class and we have been making paper mache models of the different planets for a class display. Fun facts we have been finding out include what age you would be on different planets compared to earth’s orbit.

Our focus in Maths and Numeracy is currently place value and rounding to the nearest 10 to estimate answers. In Literacy we have been learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Spelling has been very active and I have included some photos of our work in the playground with chalk.

We have set up our cooperative learning teams and are beginning to work on our social skills to allow us to work together to achieve our learning goals.

Please leave us some feedback on our page to let us know what you think of our learning and work.

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