21st October 2014

As it’s Autumn time, we are taking a trip to the local woodland as part of the John Muir Project. We will have the opportunity to ‘adopt’ a tree. Throughout the year we will visit and examine how ‘our’ tree has changed with the different seasons. Our first walk will take place on Wednesday 29th October. On our walk we will collect leaves, seeds, conkers, etc and take photos of ‘our’ trees.

Nick says “I feel excited about this trip as we get to see what a tree looks like throughout the seasons. I hope it doesn’t rain though!”

A date for the diary (It’s still a few months away!)
On May 13th 2015, the Countryside Rangers will be coming to 5B and we will also be river dipping with Jen Edwards. Lots to look forwards too!


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  1. Well this week has been Ok. We have Been practicing our Christmas songs. The whole p5 practiced 3 songs. Wondering what else I have done? Well me and Nick have been finding out about jaguars what they eat and things. We created our very own Power point about it, its great (hopefully) 🙂 Well lately our class 5B has been doing division in our Maths and we are in different groups. Not confident/Tens and units/Hundred tens and units/ thousands and tens and units. Well most of us were successful. That is great to hear! Also remember to read the WHOLE COMMENT! We also have been doing a simulated adventure on Crystal ICT and it is called Crystal Rainforest version 2.0. So that’s another thing we have been doing. We are pretty busy. Hope you had a good time reading it – Sam 5B

  2. In class we have been doing lots of good stuff. One of the things we have been doing is art with Mr McConnell, comparing Brazil to Scotland we have been drawing a Brazilian flower and a Scottish flower. Learning about shading and pattern.


  3. In Friday clubs I am doing Embroidery and I think it is really fun. I am doing a pattern like zig-zags and cross overs.

  4. Now in King’s Meadow we have Friday clubs. At the start of Term 2 we got a choice of clubs to go to. Me and Emma chose Dance. We do it with Miss Smith. So far the songs we have done are Thriller, Bang bang and much more.

  5. At the moment we are doing gymnastics in P.E and gymnastics is my favourite
    Sport. I am showing my forward rolls because thats what we are learning to do .
    Me and my friend Eva already do gymnastics out of school so we are like the demonstration for forward rolls. Also
    we have a great p.e teacher mrs Arnold . Jenny

  6. In art we are learning about Rene’ Magritte it is interesting because he puts and moves one or two things to make it look more amazing. All that wanted was to amaze people and he did amaze me !!! Also in class after spelling test we go to the drama room and play brainbox it is fun because it is educational and fun at the sane time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Samantha Iona Sophie says
    The winter river walk was awesome because it was snowing heavily and it was so fun!!!!!! We loved it because we were together and we learned so much!!! In maths we are learning time and in PE we are doing gymnastics and I love it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We went on our winter river walk, unfortunately it started to snow :-[. but we had lots of fun and we got told lots of facts. :-]

  9. We are having fun looking at Scots words and all about Scotland. My friend thinks it is amazing to learn about our own country and so do I.I THINK SCOTLAND IS REALLY AND TRULY AMAZING.

  10. In Friday clubs I am doing technology and we are making fish desk tidiers it is really fun and all the activities I have been to are fun which are science and technology!!!!!!!!

    We are also doing gymnastics in P.E it is really fun and I am learning new rolls and I am so close to completing my cartwheel.


  11. In art in 5B we are learning about surrealism and the artist is Rene Magnitte. We are having so much fun drawing and sketching.

  12. In class we are making pictures of the world around us and posting on the website it’s our world

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