Blindfold Obstacle Course

Last week, we had a fun lesson in the hall completing an obstacle course with blindfolds on.  Well done to everyone for guiding their partner safely round the course.  Here are some photos of the class in action.  Great team work!

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P3 Buddy Reading – Wednesday 27 May

On Wednesday, we have visitors from P3 and you will be reading with them during the morning.  Please try and bring in a book you enjoyed reading (or having read to you) when you were in P3 so that you can share it with them.

Mrs Jones

P6A Novel Study – Homework for Monday 1 June

By now, you should be reading the second “third” of your chosen novel.  For your homework for 1 June, please choose and complete ONE of the following tasks:

  1. Decide on an alternative title for your chosen book.  Why is it appropriate?  Do you think it is better than the one the book has now?  Why do you think this, or why not?
  2. Make a crossword puzzle using ideas from your book (key words, characters, places etc.) Aim to include at least 15 clues.
  3. Design a movie poster for the book you are reading.  Cast the major characters in the book with real actors and actresses.  Remember it should be PERSUASIVE.  After all, you want people to come and see the movie!

Have fun!

Mrs Jones

P6A Spelling Homework: 25.5.15 (for test on Friday 29.5.15)

Task 1: Using LSCWC, write each of your words two more times.

Task 2: Write each of your words in UPPER case and then in lower case.

Task 3: Look up in a dictionary the meaning of any words you are unsure about, and write these meanings down.

  • Group 1: occupation, imagination, condition, competition, addition, subtraction, introduction, decoration.
  • Group 2: fractions, invention, information, invitation, collection, direction, section, operation.
  • Group 3: nation, station, action, attraction, relation, education.

Mrs Jones

Spelling Homework 11.5.15

Task 1 – Use LSCWC and write each of your words two more times.

Task 2 – Complete the Scrabble sheet.

Group 1 – boastful, beautiful, doubtful, powerful, skilful, thoughtful, wonderful.

Group 2 – dreadful, grateful, truthful, peaceful, thankful, useful, faithful, painful.

Group 3 – careful, forgetful, helpful, playful, harmful, cheerful, spoonful, handful.

Mrs Philp


Spelling Homework 9.3.15

Task 1 – Use LSCWC and write each of your words two more times.

Task 2 – Write your words “across and down”.

Group 1 – terrific, energetic, gigantic, Arctic, Atlantic, mathematics, gymnastics and supersonic.

Group 2 – attic, tunic, clinic, tragic, metric, elastic, fantastic and panic.

Group 3 – comic, magic, music, picnic, electric, traffic, public and plastic.

Mrs Philp

P6A Assembly

Our assembly is on Friday 6th February at 9.00am. If you have a speaking part, please look after your script and spend a little time each night learning your lines.

Thanks, Mrs Philp

Spelling Homework 26.1.15

Task 1 – Use LSCWC and write each of your words two more times.

Task 2 – Write your words in bubble letters

Group 1 – carriage, marriage, average, language, postage, wreckage, shortage and  advantage.

Group 2 – damage, cabbage, luggage, courage, bandage, voyage, image and teenage.

Group 3 – pages, wages, stage, message, village, garage, manage and cottage.

Reading Homework 12.1.15

Arachne was turned into a spider by the goddess Athene.     Use non-fiction reference books and the internet to find out some important information about spiders.     You can record this in any form that you want – you may use bullet points, make a poster, make your own non-fiction book or write a report. You decide.

Be prepared to give a short talk to the class about what you have learnt about spiders.

Spelling Homework 12.1.15

Task 1

Task 2
Use each word in a sentence.

Group 1 – Olympics, Parthenon, Ancient, Archimedes, Archaeologist, Pythagoras, Pankration and Architecture.

Group 2 – Marathon, Olympics, Ancient, Legend, Hercules, Acropolis ,Athena and Wrestling

Group 3 – Greece, Gods, Athens, Sparta, Troy, Hero, Myth and Legend


Spelling Homework for this week – due on Friday 12th December.
Task 1 – Use LSCWC and write each word 2 more times.
Task 2 – Use each of your words in a sentence.

Group 1 words – truth, health, wealth, length, strength, theatre, thread and throne.

Group 2 words – another, clothes, rather, smooth, without, feather, leather and weather.

Group 3 words – cloth, thick, thank, tooth, teeth, anything, something and thousand.


Spelling Homework for this week – due on Friday 28th November.
Task 1 – Use LSCWC and write each word 2 more times.
Task 2 – Arrange your words in alphabetical order.

Group 1 words                            Group 2 words             Group 3 words
sentry                                           absent                             spent
recent                                           content                           silent
violent                                          accident                         parent
intelligent                                    sentence                        present
garments                                     prevent                          dentist
adventure                                    events                            twenty
convenient                                  urgent                            plenty
detergent                                    invention                       different



Hello and welcome to the P6A web page. Check here for the spelling words and all the homework tasks for each week.

Mrs Philp

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  1. I am really enjoying topic right now thank you Mrs Philp for making the lessons really fun 🙂

  2. I really liked doing the blind fold obstacle course with Mrs Philp coz it was really fun and I hope we do it again!!!

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