This week in 6B we have enjoyed PE.  We have been doing a new game called softball.  It is pretty much the same as baseball.  We also had a drumming performance on Wednesday.  They were from Ghana so all the drums were from Africa.  They made us make a beat by slapping our thighs.


In PE we were practising pitching and batting.  Next week we will be focusing on the defending team.

We had move up day on Tuesday.  Most of 6B went to 7B and some to 7C.  Our new teachers could not be there so we met them on Wednesday.

Everyone really enjoyed the drummers on Wednesday.  They taught us the Panlogo song and dance and the prayer they say before drumming.

In French we were listening to and repeating The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French.



This week in P6B we had some very detailed topic talks about the 5 body systems we have been learning about.  They were very interesting and not one was the same.

We were also up-levelling sentences of Little Red Riding Hood using similes, metaphors and personification.



This week we have been improving our class score in our spelling challenge.  Have a go – 77 to beat!

Miss Murray

On line Boggle


In maths we are learning 3 figure bearings, compass points and angles.  We learned that 3 figure bearings are more accurate than  compass points.  We learnt the connections between them all.

In reading we have all chosen a novel that we have not read before.  We researched the author and found out some facts about the book.

In art we are drawing skeletons.  We are almost ready to put our skeletons together so that they can move.

We are also learning about the circulatory system and about the journey your blood does around your body.



This week we have been learning about the circulatory system.  With our bodies we made a human body and P6B blood vessels travelled around it!

Miss Murray

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This week we had hockey with a development officer called Fiona.  At the end we played a game in pairs and had to try and score.



At PE we did a mini Olympics and we had 3 tasks to complete.  The team that had the most points won.  We wrote instructions on how to vote in a general election.  In maths we drew acute, obtuse and reflex angles.


We had a Buddhist monk in on Wednesday.  We did a breathing meditation with him – it was fun and he told us lots of facts.



This week P6B learned about angles and it was pretty easy.  And we did a times table grid without the 11 or 12 times table.


In writing we made a sandwich with cheese and lettuce.  We then wrote an instruction sheet on how to make the sandwich.  In the end we all had a lot of fun.

Callum N


This Wednesday we went to the museum of flight, which was amazing. We all learnt so much about flight. My favourite part was going aboard the supersonic Concord because it was so exciting!!! We learnt that it has small windows so it can go higher and faster .We saw all the royal air force jets and some of them were massive. The fantastic flight room was really good fun as well my favourite games were driving the plane and the spinning machine.

Also this week we had the high jump competition in P.E, it was really fun when the crash mat came out because people were crashing on to it. We did long jump and ball throwing as well. Today we learnt how to say animal’s names in French. Then we went outside and played a game with the French animals. Also today we went into the drama room and played some games, one game was a memory game that was hard, and to finish off we had a pre-test in maths.

 Tom L

This week on Wednesday we went to the Museum of Flight and we went on Concorde!  On Thursday we bought soft toys in for our French because we were learning animals.



Please enjoy our photos from the Museum of Flight.  We had a brilliant day at East Fortune and would like to say thank you very, very much to Ruth, Mr Denholm and Mrs Buxton for making it possible.

Miss Murray

P.S. Some shots of the cake we enjoyed at the end of last term have made it in as well – thank you Maya, it was delicious as well as stunning to look at!!!


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Here are some actions shots from our fantastic drama workshop with Shona this morning!

Miss Murray

IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0682 IMG_0681


This week we have been working very hard on our Art Deco Flight Posters.  In maths we have been learning decimals and we have done very well adding and subtracting them.

Tom C and Bruce


We made our ‘Faces Funny to Raise Money’ for Red Nose Day and joined the whole school in a danceathon!  A big thank you to Mrs Guy and Miss Smith who led us through it 🙂

DSC00053 DSC00054 DSC00055 DSC00056 DSC00057


Have a look at P6B playing Three in a Row to reinforce our learning this week.  We can use our knowledge of place value to round decimal numbers.  We also had the chance to play a decimals football penalty game on the Smartboard 🙂

Miss Murray

DSC00048 DSC00049  DSC00051 DSC00052DSC00050


This week we have a new member in the class.  His name is James and he is fitting in well. Also some people went to try out for the cross country team – they had to run 2 times round the rugby pitches at Neilson Park.  This week we got stuck into our new topic  – Air Travel.  We learned about the development of planes and how they have improved.  We have had the chance to buy Red Noses from the school office this week and on Friday they had all sold out as lots and lots have been bought!

Kaci and Euan M


This week we had a visit from the SSPCA.  We took part in a workshop during which we learned lots of things like how they rescue animals and where they go afterwards.

We also had an Indian Music Workshop that was EPIC!!!

Hamish has come back to school and we are all helping him because he has fractured his leg.

Emma competed in the Lothian Schools Indoor Athletics final and King’s Meadow won 🙂

This week we had a vote to decide our new topic and it is air travel.  We are all very excited to learn more.  In maths we are discovering decimals and how they work.  Not all of us had heard of them but now we are finding it easier.  We are also learning about Buddhism.  We found out about the Eightfold path and had the chance to experience controlling our minds by looking at pictures that looked like they were moving and having to stop them moving.

What a busy week!

Kaci and Euan M


This week in maths we have been learning algebra – group 3 were delighted to get a positive referral for their fantastic positive attitude.  Have a look at the photos below – we are demonstrating our new skills by playing algebra Top Trumps!

We also explored the ancient Olympics and designed posters showing similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta.

Shannon & Callum D.

001 002 003 004 005 006


Miss Murray would like to thank all the adults that joined us today for our assembly – what a fantastic turn out!  A huge well done to everyone in P6B who gave an absolutely first class performance!  Enjoy a well deserved break over the weekend.

Miss Murray


This week we learned algebra in maths – we found out that letters can represent numbers.  On Tuesday everybody recited a Scottish poem that they had learned by heart.  On Wednesday Hamish, Rachel and Kaci performed their poems to the whole year group.  We also had haggis and shortbread – it was yummy!  This week we also did a space assembly in front of the whole school and some parents.  We were sharing what we learned about space.  We all really enjoyed our assembly and had lots of fun.  Here are some action shots including 2 certificates we received after it from Mr Smith and P7B!006 005 003 004 001 002 IMG_0666


Kaci and Marcus


We have been preparing for our assembly.


We have been doing long sums in algebra.

Callum D.


Last week we went to Dynamic Earth.  We watched the Dome Show “Super Volcanoes”.  The trip was fun – someone even described it as spectacular!  We also visited the main exhibits.  In school we started algebra in maths and completed our pre-test.

Stuart and Heather


Yesterday P6B along with some members of P5/6 had a fantastic day out at Dynamic Earth.  Have a look at us learning all about natural hazards and disasters at the workshop.  Check back soon for our thoughts on the day!

IMG_0648 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0654 IMG_0656 IMG_0660

Miss Murray


Please note that the P6B assembly will now take place on Friday 30th January.  We hope to see you all there!

Miss Murray


As you may have heard P6 are going to be participating in an Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament on at the Aubigny on Tuesday 16th December.  We will be leaving school at 10.40am and returning for 12.10pm.  If there are any parents or carers who are available to accompany us there and back (you are welcome to stay but don’t have to) please could they get in touch with Miss Murray.  Many thanks!

Remember to wear your Christmas jumper tomorrow and bring a small donation. If you don’t have a Christmas jumper decorate your school jumper or a t shirt you already own.

Miss Murray


On Thursday we had our Christmas craft day.  We made three different crafts.  With Mrs Roche we made tags, cards and wrapping paper.  With Mrs Philp we made origami stars and with Miss Murray we were making ballerinas in a snowflake tutu.  We will be selling our crafts at the Christmas Craft Fair on Friday 12th December so you can buy them!

On Wednesday we practised out Christmas songs which we will be performing on Friday at the Fair.

By Emma and Euan M


Wow!  P6B are really looking forward to tucking into the Solar System (cake, of course!) made by Maya as part of our topic homework!


Miss Murray



This week we learned about Christmas in World War I and numbers 11-20 in French.

We watched a pantomime as a school.  It was Sleeping Beauty and the majority of the school laughed at it.

We had a competition for the best book mark to represent the class in a  school competition – well done to Jess as her book mark got the most votes!

In P.E. we continued volleyball and next week we will start social dancing ready for our Christmas party.

By Ross and Mia


Well done to everyone in P6B!  Our total words read in our AR books is a whooping 4,050,910 and our average score in quizzes is 88.5%. Our very challenging target is a class average of 90% by the Christmas holidays so keep up the fantastic work!

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to play a number sequence game today it can be found at


Miss Murray


This week we went to P5/6 and P6A to complete a Hands Up Survey which we had designed ourselves.  It was tricky to talk loud enough for the boys and girls to hear the questions being read out but we all gathered our data and displayed it in a line graph, bar chart or pie chart.  We also did a test about information handling to see what we have learned over the past few weeks.

On Friday we learned a little about the structure of our hearts and what we can do to take care of them.  We successfully completed the KNOW YOUR HEART interactive learning tool on bhf.org.uk and have a certificate to prove it!  In December we are going to be taking part in a sponsored Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament to raise money for the BHF so please look out for our sponsorship forms over the next few weeks!

By Emma and David


Working as a group to estimate the size of the planets in comparison with Earth and their distance from the sun.  We made a model of the solar system from play dough!

IMG_0624 IMG_0623 IMG_0626 IMG_0622 IMG_0621


This term our topic is Earth and Space.  Below you will see a list of possible homework activities.  You need to choose 2 more to complete.

Task 2 is due on Friday 21st of November.

Task 3 is due on Friday 5th of Decemeber.

a) Choose any planet and make an interesting and colourful fact file about it.

b) Make a model of the solar system.

c) Write an imaginative story about a trip to space.  Make sure to present it in an interesting way.

d) Design an astronaut kit bag.  Tell me what you would have in it and why.

e) Make a timeline of important events/missions in space travel.


In handwriting this week we have been doing a poem about November and winter.  We all enjoyed writing the poem about the season in our best cursive handwriting.  In maths this week we made our own questionnaires.  After that we started to learn about pie charts and we talked about the segments on a pie chart.

By David

At 7Bs assembly this week we found out about street children and their world cup.

By Emma


We had a lively end to our day!  We had a lot of fun playing a matching game on the SmartBoard to help us learn numbers 1-10 in French.  Well done to Callum N who successfully matched the cards in 12 seconds!  If you want to practice at home the link is:


Tomorrow is bring an adult day to Run Club – Miss Murray would love to see as many children and adults there as possible – even though the weather forecast is not good!


This week we have been doing an acrostic poem about space.  We got to choose a planet and write interesting facts about it.  The planet had to be from our solar system.  Some people made a model of the solar system for homework.  You didn’t have to make a model but lots of people did.  Our topic is really fun!


This week in P.E. we started playing volleyball.  We were learning the set and we watched a few videos from a game.  In our second slot we are keeping fit with stretches and stations.  I thought my leg was going to fall off!

This week was the second Friday Club – I think everyone enjoyed it.



This week in maths we learned how to do a line graph.  You start of by doing a line up and a line sideways and they are called the x and y axis.


This week in 6B we have been learning about our new topic called Earth and Space.  In writing we have been doing imaginative stories for Halloween.


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