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Monday 21st March

Here are some pictures from our great day out walking up Lammerlaw.  Well done everyone!

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Monday 18th January

Please remember to bring in a baby photo (in a sealed envelope with your name on it).

Keep practising your Scots poems!  We will be presenting them in class on Monday 25th January.

Finally, a reminder that our class assembly is on Friday 5th February at 9am.


Tuesday 1st December

Look at the cute sock snowmen we made! Well done 6C.  We will be selling them at the Christmas Fair on Friday 11th December!


Tuesday 24th November

6C are making ‘sock snowmen’ to sell at the Christmas Fair.  We are looking for buttons (the smaller the better) and scraps of material to use as scarves.  Please could you have a look in your house for these things and bring any in as soon as possible?  Thank you!

Monday 23rd November

This afternoon our class, along with the rest of KMPS, was lucky enough to be invited to a fantastic live author event at the corn exchange.  The authors who were speaking are Steve Barlow and  Steve Skimore.  Together they have written over 150 books together!  To find out more about Britain’s most popular comedy writing and performing double act visit www.the2steves.net.


8 thoughts on “P6C”

  1. To Mrs Reid and Mrs Davidson we all think that you are lovely teachers we love French with Mrs Reid!! 🙂 and we adore I.C.T with Mrs Davidson it is so an enjoyable time !!!!! 🙂 Lets hope p6c 2015 -2016 will be a fantastic year LOVE p6c 2015-2016

  2. This year it is so fun doing maths, reading and the daily mile. In both maths class and group I am finding it a bit easy with problem solving and addition with carrying with Mrs Gilfillan. Reading is one more thing I am particularly enjoying. I like reading Tom Gates and my group novel is Bridge to Teribithia, it is realy good. After i have finished the book I hope to see film. In p6c we are using the mile track I find it easier to do the mile with track rather than the 8 and 1/2 times around the pitch.
    Dillon ???

  3. In school I really like doing the daily mile and I like the new track more and I love ict it is really fun???

  4. Mrs Reid and Mrs Davidson are two of the best teachers in the world. Always hope to get them as a teacher beacause Mrs Reid lovely and is also brilliant at arts and crafts e.g sock snowmen. Mrs Davidson is lovely also and is brilliant with computers and you learn so much about computer ?. So always hope for Mrs Reid and Mrs Davidson. They are very very good teachers so always want them for teachers !!! Dillon ???

  5. I really enjoyed going up the Lammerlaw last week it was very cold but we all did great and got to the top? Thank you Mrs Reid for taking us up ?

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