20/05/16 Practice script for Tuesday’s audition

Audition for End of year show – TUESDAY, 24th May (break time)      SHOW DATE 29/6/16

Practise this speaking part. It is from a scene where young children are being taught to tell the time. It requires you to use expression and add a touch of drama as you are reading. After you have auditioned you will be asked if you are interested in a main speaking role, or a smaller speaking role – all are important to the success of the show!

Child 5                   (raising a hand) So what does the five mean that the little hand is pointing to?

Teacher              (huffing) That still means five, because the little hand is pointing to it. It’s only when….hang on (checking the file)…. here it is… (reading) ‘The little hand counts the hours, going up in single numbers to twelve. The big hand counts the minutes, of which there are sixty in an hour, and  goes up in fives, as there are twelve fives in sixty.’ See! What’s so difficult? (S/he counts round the numbers on the face in fives, to where the big hand is) Five, ten, fifteen, twenty past. See? Twenty past…(S/he then counts round the numbers on the face again, but as single units to where the little hand is)…one, two, three, four, five. Twenty past five.

10/03/16 Gymnastics

03/02/16 Woodland workout

Having practised different workout exercises, we have now planned our own group routines. All routines have warm ups, stretches, activities and cool downs. We considered stamina, strength, suppleness and safety when we were deciding what to include. As you can see we have fun without getting too dirty!


17/12/15 Merry Christmas  from 7A

IMG_0081 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 Star Wars

IMG_0086 IMG_0087IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0090

P7 Movie Afternoon

On Thursday 17th of December P7 will be having a Movie afternoon. The children can bring a small snack and a pillow/blanket with them. They can also change into their pyjamas or onsies after lunch if they wish.

We are looking forward to a nice cosy afternoon.


P7 teachers


Christmas craft preview!




Below are our spelling lists and homework for this week.


Homework for Thursday 26th November.

*Use look, say, cover, write, check to write your word list 3 times in neat cursive handwriting.

*Against the clock: write your list of words correctly while someone times you. Do this activity each day (Mon, Tues, Wed).

*Choose 3 words and write interesting sentences.






We are exploring some of the issues surrounding Human Rights. Our homework task is to find examples of rights being enjoyed or denied. We made a paper patchwork quilt detailing Children’s Rights.

Assembly update!

DSC00281 DSC00272DSC00287 DSC0028825/9/15

Our class assembly

We presented our topic work at assembly this morning. It has been a busy time preparing for today! It was all our own work and everything went well. We had drama, powerpoints, dance and singing. Thank you to everyone who managed to dress as a WW2 child.

7A – you are stars! A great team. Very well done.



Thank you for the great start with WW2 homework – we have a great display of posters, poetry, recipes and memories. We have all enjoyed tasting the cooking from WW2 recipes.


Meet the team!


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