11/05/15 Get up and go, go, go!

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Get up and go, go, go




Woodland workout with a difference.

Which snowman gets your vote?

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Art work in an African style



Working in gymnastics. Today we were looking at giving accurate feedback.



Woodland workout fun



It was super to see that so many of the class have made a good start to their ‘Africa’ homework. Projects should be brought in every Thursday to discuss progress and also to use school reference books and laptops for research work.

We are still enjoying WOODLAND WORKOUT WEDNESDAY Β and look forward to being out this week again. We will be devising group workout programmes this week – hopefully it will not be quite as muddy. We are beginning to build up a photo collage of our outdoor fitness activities.

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a super break.

Our main topic for January is ‘Africa’. We will be learning about the continent and making comparisons between different countries. Everyone will have a personal research homework task which will be discussed before it is given out this week.

Class PE will (hopefully) be outside this term. We are going to follow activities in the ‘Woodland workout’. Everyone will need outdoor PE kit – warm joggers and sweatshirt. We may get dirty!


Today we made chocolate fruity squares. This was a particularly popular dish to make – hopefully it arrived home to be shared with other members of the family!

This is the last part of our current food session. We have developed, and used, our skills in cutting, peeling, grating, measuring, and following a recipe. The vegetable wraps last week were also a big success and it was great to see everyone tasting the salsa and chilli sauce!

We have also been learning about healthy eating and a balanced diet. The chocolate fruity squares were a special treat!

We could not have had these food sessions without parental support. Thank you!



This week, P7a had a tasting session. We were tasting lots of different foods from around the world. We tried fruits such as pomegranates, persimmon and mango which were delicious. We also enjoyed Mediterranean bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar as well as pitted olives. Many of us however, did not enjoy tasting the cornichons! It was great to see everyone willingly trying new foods. For those who were hesitant to do so, there was lots of encouragement from their classmates. Se beware, there may be some new foods slipping into your shopping trolley this weekend!


Remembrance Service

The house captains went on a trip to the John Gray Centre for a remembrance service. The house captains recited poems and speeches about WW1 and WW2. There were a lot of war veterans and they told us stories about their experience in WW2. There was a man who told a story about being a Bevin boy in the war. There was another story about 2 men who had been on their way to a German death camp who had become best friends over a crust of bread. We heard about a boy named Billy who was under age to fight and was carrying grenades with his friend and then some fell out the pin came out of it and he jumped on it to save his friend. We sat in our minute of silence then looked around the museum.

By Thomas G, Holly C, Joshua and Julia 7a.



P7a have started learning about friendship and have been creating tagxedos about themselves and friendship flowers with information on how to be a good friend. In ICT they have also been creating posters about good friends and they are up on display just outside 7a, so come and take a look!

By Julia, 7a


Primary 7 are about to start our food topic. We will be finding out about seasonality of different foods and also investigating food miles.

This week we hope to taste some foods that might be new to us. Next week we will begin learning and practising our food preparation skills.

More information will be coming home about this later in the week.


7A have been busy with AR recently. We are reading lots of books and completing quizzes. Claire from the John Gray Centre met with some of the class and asked us to review some Scottish novels in preparation for Scottish Book Week.

We have finished finding out and writing about the Home Front in WW2. It has been a super topic and everyone has completed some great work. Certificates for homework tasks were given out before the October holiday. Thank you to everyone who supported the children in these activities. Air raid shelters are already being taken home.

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  1. Lol, i wrote a bit of that πŸ™‚ its not very good looking back at my bit now!! The photo of the house captains is so funny!! look at my face!!

  2. I think the snowman with Ryan, Gregor, Sophie, Amelia and, of course, me should win!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  3. Callum Booth came in on Wednesday (I think) it was great way to end the day and it looked like he enjoyed himself as well.

  4. P7 is so fun, right now we are growing mould… Dalguise is in 4 nights and I’m buzzing for it!! β™₯

  5. Dalguise was so fun the zip wire and giant swing were the best and the best instructors were Jonny and Swifty

  6. I miss P7 already. I know know it will be different and I have to accept that but it will never be the same. I will defo miss the simplicity! πŸ™

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