P7C 2017/18

Wednesday 29th November

Primary 7c visited the Scottish Parliament this morning. Here are some of the things Primary 7c learned from their visit.

  • The designer of the Scottish Parliament was Spanish.
  • There is more than one Parliament in Britain.
  • There are 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament
  • The party with the most seats is the SNP.
  • Iain Grey is the MSP for East Lothian.
  • A long time ago only Men were allowed to vote.
  • MSP have certain rules to follow in the debating chamber like we have in school.

Here are some photos of our visit
Scottish Parliament visit 29th November on PhotoPeach


Primary 7c have been designing their own games.  Two groups showed the rest of the class how to play their games.  Here are some photos.
Outdoor P.E 29th November 2017 on PhotoPeach


Primary 7 Christmas Party 20th December 2017

This afternoon Primary 7 had their Christmas party.  Good fun was had by all.
Primary 7 Christmas Party 20th December 2017 on PhotoPeach


January 2018

Primary 7C have been learning about air resistance.  We made parachutes for eggs.  Look at how well we did.

Air Resistance in P7C on PhotoPeach


February 2018

Primary 7C have been learning about 3D shapes.  We made nets of each shape with Mr Smith.

8th March 2018

Primary 7 had a transition meeting with 2 members of Knox Academy staff where the children could ask questions and find out more information about Knox Academy.

We also had a rugby session.  Here are some of our photos.


Rugby Session 1 08.03.18 on PhotoPeach


Monday 12th March 2018

Primary 7C have been learning about electricity.  We have looked at how electricity has changed the way we live today and circuits.  Today we made circuits.

Circuits on PhotoPeach