School Bank

Just a quick reminder that the School Bank is now open again. The bank staff will come round your classes when it is time for your class to go. You must bring in your pay-in book and the money you want to pay in. If you want to open an account then go to the school bank who will give you a form for you to fill in.


Our School Blog/Website is Changing!

You may have noticed that we have made some changes to our website, and hope that you like them.   We are trying to make the site more interesting, with the main content being news about what is happening in school, and what the children are learning.  We are aware that our website has needed a new, balanced look for a while, and trust this will meet your needs and encourage more people to visit it.

We have tried to cut down the number of main pages too, and go for a fresher look.

If you look carefully you will see that each Year Group has been given their own Blog, and the Parent Council and PTA too.   Although there may be some updates advising you that there are new posts on these Blogs, for the time being we will be posting the main news for these categories on their own  sites/blogs.

Although those people who are subscribed to email updates will still receive them, we would ask you to check out the Year Group Blogs and other Blogs from time to time.
We hope you enjoy out Site as it continues to develop over the coming weeks and months.