P5 TOPIC: Loch Ness Monster Enquiry

P5 have been working on the Loch Ness monster enquiry. We read a newspaper article that a couple called the Smiths were at Loch Ness Beach for the first time. It told us that the Loch Ness monster surfaced and swam to the Smiths but luckily they just got away.

In our topic we have to decide if they actually saw the monster or not.

The Evidence Committee have been sending us emails to help us decide. We have received evidence from the Smiths, pictures and phone calls transcripts.

In our class we were in groups of 3 and we had to pretend that we were Mr & Mrs Smith and a newspaper reporter. We have lately been making a blog in our class about the Loch Ness monster.

We are also reading the Water Horse by Dick King Smith. We think the whole class are enjoying the topic but the best thing is probably the evidence wall.

Some of the skills we have been learning are how to use Flip Video cameras and how to create our own websites and blogs on Edubuzz with lots of information and pictures. We have also been emailing using our Google/Edubuzz accounts.

By Matt & Andrew


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Revised School Bank Account Opening Instructions

Between now and Christmas, we will be promoting the School Bank.   The Bank runs with the RBS and is staffed by Mr McEwan and P6 and P7 pupils.

This is a great way of encouraging your child to save and start to use bank facilities.

If your child already has a RBS account, they can pay in at the School Bank if they bring their pay-in book or card or note of account number.   They can’t withdraw money.

If your child wishes to open a bank account, there is some more information below.  To open an account, ask for a form at the School Bank or RBS and:

1. Complete the account opening form, signing in the correct places.

2. If you are opening a RAINBOW SAVINGS ACCOUNT and the Parent/Guardian has a RBS account, return the completed form to the School Bank/Mr McEwan. You can enclose a cash/cheque (payable to the account holder) deposit for the new account.

3. If you are opening a RAINBOW SAVINGS ACCOUNT and the Parent/Guardian has NOT got a RBS account, please take the form to the RBS with:

· the child’s birth certificate
· ID for the Parent/Guardian

4.   Account opening forms for ALL OTHER accounts can be completed and handed in to Mr McEwan/School Bank as we have to complete a from confirming we know the child.


Account Name

Main Features

Up to 7 years old

Rainbow Savings Account

Money Bank to save


Parent opens for Child


Cash Club

Collect Ollie tokens and redeem them for Ollie goodies like watches, rubber ripper wallets, mini radios and much more. Pay in £5 and you get a token.

Check balance at Cashline machines with Cash Club Card.


Revolve Account

Debit card to use at machine and shops

Can design own card/put photo on it

Free texts or music downloads if you top up your mobile at a Cashline machine with your card

KMPS School Bank

Just a quick reminder that the School Bank is open every Thursday from 2.45 pm.   Children can pay in to an account with the RBS but can’t withdraw money.

Any children who wants to open an account with the RBS can either open one at their local branch or ask at the School Bank for a from.

The bank, manned by Mr McEwan and P6 and P7s, has been fairly quiet so we would appreciate parents encouraging their children to use this facility and encourage them to save.

Mr McEwan


As you will see, the report paints a very positive picture of the school. It is highly complimentary about the quality of the work we do, our achievements and the contributions that the pupils, parents and staff make to the success and happiness of the whole school community.

HMIe Report

Welcome Back P6!

Welcome back!It’s the start of a new school term. Here are a few reminders to keep you organised for the next year.

Please label anything you bring to school

  • Have a pair of indoor shoes with non-marking soles
  • Lunch Money has gone up to £1.70
  • Mobile Phones are not allowed in school unless there are exceptional circumstances. They should be handed in to the office during the day.
  • Fresh Fruit is available from the Fruit Trolley at the front of the school. You should walk round through the playground to the front. Prices are 15p.

Coming to School

School starts at 8:45 AM. If you know you are going to be late or off school for any reason, please let us know. Bring a letter of explanation the next day if possible. If you haven’t phoned and you are late, check in at the office. If you are cycling to school, please remember to wear a helmet and use a suitable lock to secure your bike.


For P.E. you should have a change of t-shirt and a pair of shorts. You wear your indoor shoes for gym. Girls should tie their hair back. Children should be able to remove their own earrings. If ears have recently been pierced, provide tape to cover the earrings, or do not wear them on P.E. days. Again, please make sure that shoes and gym kit are labelled. Remember to bring a labelled bag to bring your kit in.


Monday: Reading, due Thursday

Tuesday: Maths, due Wednesday and French, due Friday

Challenge tasks may be given out once a week. Check with your Reading teacher when your reading homework is due. Remember that ICT homework may be given out. Homework should take no more that 25 minutes.

Main Topics In P6

Term 1 (August to October) Structure of the Earth, Europe

Term 2 (October to December) Health/Growing Up, Jacobites

Term 3 (January to April) Victorians

Term 4 ( April to June) Keeping Myself Safe

P6 may have Mini Topics.


As well as class teachers and Mr Smith, Other staff working with P6 include: Mrs. McLure , Mrs Paton, Miss Rodger, and Mrs Laing from support for learning.

Specialist Teachers are:

Miss Gillan – I.C.T.

Mr Connel – Art

Mme Robertson – French

Mrs Roberts – Music

Mrs Arnold – P.E.

Thanks for your time!

By Isaac, 6B (Web Worker)