Draft Haddington Town Centre Strategy 2009 – 2014

Currently there is an exhibition in the former Tyneside Tartans shop regarding the Haddington Town Centre Strategy 2009 – 2014. Children in Primary 5 and Primary 6 have been offering their opinions about our town.  We have been considering good points and are making suggestions for improvements. We are going to hand our opinions in to the Council so that they might be taken in to consideration too.

Here is a selection of our thoughts –

  • Cars make jams because they park at the kerbs
  • Traffic lights would be good at the end of the road on the way to Tesco
  • More bus stops would make it easier for older people to get around
  • We definitely need to stop people dropping gum on the ground.
  • The buildings are colourful, but paint is peeling from some shops.
  • I don’t feel safe walking past pubs.
  • There should be flashing lights on the school road to say there are kids crossing.
  • We need better tennis courts.
  • A crossing in Market Street would be good.

We had a puzzle though.  Outside which shop is there a hanging boot ?