Carer Friendly Communities

You are invited along to take part in a conversation about how we can all contribute to creating Carer Friendly Communities

Who are Carers? Carers are people who provide unpaid support and care for a family member, friend or neighbour. The Government estimates that 17% of adults have a caring role and for some people taking on that role can be a huge commitment and lead to them being very isolated.

Who should get involved? We’d like to involve a wide range of groups and organisations who play a part in local communities – for example, Community Councils, Area Partnerships (and their member organisations), Tenants and Residents Groups, Church and Faith Group…

When? 7pm-9:00pm on Thursday 27th September

Where? The Esk Rooms, Brunton Hall, Musselburgh

During the session we will be….

 Looking at the role played by carers in our communities, recognising that this is something that is likely to be significant for most of us at some point in our lives

 Gathering information on some of the activities already taking place in communities that contribute to them being ‘carer friendly’

 Sharing good practice examples – providing ideas and inspiration to those attending

 Getting people to think about what their community could do to become more ‘carer friendly’

 Learning about other supports that may be available for carers so that communities can access and build on those

We’re aiming for an informal, interactive session with lots of opportunities to share thoughts and ideas.

If you would be interested in coming along you can register online here or email / phone 01620 827270